Know When Caregiver Assistance is the Answer

If you are taking responsibility for helping an aging relative get through the day, you may be shouldering more caregiver stress than you realize. In some situations, as loved ones age and their health and independence declines, they rely more and more on those around them.  What may start as a manageable few errands can place greater and greater demands on your time and energy.

Look for these warning signs of caregiver stress: 


Time Commitment

There is a difference between helping out every now and then and being a full-time caregiver.  Are you helping someone with routine tasks to get through the day on a regular basis?  Do you plan your day around helping your loved one?  Are you missing work or other commitments to meet the needs of someone else? Caregiver stress can arise from the effort of providing care as well as the stress of deprioritizing financial and personal obligations.  

Level of Care

Does the level or amount of care you provide continue to increase?  Do you worry you don’t have the training or experience to meet all of your loved ones’ needs? If so, you may reach a point where you can’t provide what your loved one needs and should seek additional caregiver assistance.

This is where Enlivant can help. Every Enlivant assisted living community has access to a Care Services Manager, a position that is staffed by a full-time licensed nurse.  Our nurses are well versed in the variety of care and services we provide in our communities, and understand the differences between assisted living and other senior housing options.