Stress-Free Moving to Assisted Living

Moving can be challenging for anyone, but there are ways to ease the transition when your loved one comes to Enlivant. For starters, helping your parent early on in the process is one way to make the move easier.

We recommend beginning conversations with your loved one early and starting with smaller issues. You can “warm up” the topic by discussing what items to pack and what to give away, sell, or place in storage. Keep in mind that holding onto small sentimental items can help your loved one feel more comfortable in new surroundings.

We Can Help

Remember that you’re not on your own here-our caring staff is committed to making moving for seniors easier. We recommend introducing your loved one to the director of the new assisted living community prior to moving day. We have helped many seniors make the transition into assisted living, and we are happy to give tours, answer questions, and reassure new residents that we are committed to providing a warm, engaging place to live.


Prior to a Senior Moving to Assisted Living

  • Take measurements of the new living space. This will help your loved one decide how to arrange the furniture and develop a rough floor plan for the new living space. 
  • Take photos of each room in your loved one’s current space. This will help you remember the décor and help provide a welcome sense of familiarity for this new dwelling. 
  • Offer to help with packing, but don’t make decisions about the belongings. It’s important to let loved ones feel empowered at a time they may feel they are losing their independence.
  • Encourage your loved one to carefully read the literature about the assisted living facility. This helps new residents feel knowledgeable and prepared for this new home.
  • Label your loved one’s clothing to avoid any confusion at the community’s laundry service.
  • Help your parent become familiar with the community’s activity schedule. Choose two or three activities for your parent to join within the first week, which will help your loved one feel integrated into a new, welcoming place.
  • Create a calendar with dates highlighted for expected visitors. This way your parent knows when to anticipate the arrival of family members and other friends.

Tips for Moving Day

  • Create a low-stress atmosphere by remaining upbeat and helpful.
  • Listen with patience and compassion to any fears or concerns.
  • Remain positive when faced with negative comments, and remind your parent of all the benefits this new home offers.
  • Try to keep the day lighthearted. Tell humorous stories about your own past moves, and share helpful ideas learned from your experiences.
  • Try not to rush. Be mindful that the entire move and unpacking may not be finished in one day.

Moving Pets

We are pet friendly, so we understand that a beloved pet can provide comfort and companionship and welcome smaller pets in our communities. If you are bringing an animal with you when moving to assisted living, keep in mind the pet is making an adjustment as well. Experts agree it's best to board pets during the move, as they can become anxious while watching the movers and furnishings leave the home.

Also, we recommend bringing the pet to the new living space after your loved one's belongings have been moved. It reassures animals to see and smell familiar objects from home — often, something as simple as a towel with the owner's scent makes animals feel more comfortable.

If you need help or support from staff with your loved one's animal, don’t hesitate to let us know. We're happy to provide tips and hands-on assistance with moving pets.