Visiting Senior Living Communities

As you explore options for senior living, one of the most helpful ways to gather the information you need is by visiting two or three communities. Here’s how to get the most out of your visits. 

Smart Scheduling

Ask about the best times to tour the community, and when you will be able to see the range of activities and offerings. Viewing a community when it’s active will give you a more accurate feeling for the surroundings.

Know What To Look For

Make a list of what’s important to you in a community, and confer with loved ones involved with the decision to find out what’s important to them. Take this list with you when you visit—take your loved ones with you too, if you can—and make notes about how well each community meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to update your list with new priorities if your ideas of what’s important evolve over time.

What You Can Expect

During an initial visit to our community, you’ll meet with a member of our leadership team. We’ll find out about your needs and preferences, show you around our community, introduce you to our staff and residents, and answer your questions. We’ll also share current information about fees and financial packages.

Questions To Ask

In addition to checking your list of priorities, you’ll want to have questions prepared to ask at each community you visit. Some examples:

“Can I meet some of the people who provide day-to- day personal care?”
“Can I see the available apartment types?”
“What programming and activities do you offer?”
“Do you have transportation services? How do residents arrange transportation?”
“What services are included in the rent fee?”
“What services are included in the care fee?”
“Are there additional services available for a fee?”
“What happens when care needs change?”
“What are the next steps to becoming a resident?”

Compare Notes

You’ll be gathering a lot of information at each visit, so allow time after each one to collect your thoughts and check your notes. Review how the community answers your questions, and how it addresses your most important needs. Ask your loved ones, if present, to do the same. Then compare notes and discuss why you rated the community the way you did. Follow up with the community if you have additional questions, concerns, or need clarification.