11 Father's Day Activities for Seniors

June 12, 2017
No matter what you call him — Dad, Pops, Papi, Baba, Stepdad or Old Man — Father’s Day is the perfect day to spend quality time with one of the most important men in your life. To make the holiday the best it can be for your Dad, we recommend trying some of these fun things to do for Father’s Day. 
These activities are sure to let your dad know how much he’s appreciated.
1. Knock Down Some Pins. At 85 years old, William Lautenschlager landed in the record books as the oldest bowler to roll a USBC-certified 800 series. Even at advanced age, bowling is an entertaining, easy indoor activity that even the grandkids can participate in. A couple games, a pitcher of soda and a few strikes (or gutter balls) all add up to a wonderful Father’s Day afternoon.

2. Take Him Out to a Ballgame. A baseball game is the quintessential father-child American pastime. If you don’t live in a city with a major league team, find the closest minor league ball park. Minor league games are lively and get you closer to the action for less cost.

3. Go Fishing. A day on the dock with Dad pulling up dinner is a perfect way to spend the day. Every state park offers a variety of outdoor activities and many boast great fishing. Visit StateParks.com to find a park near you. Park rangers can help you determine what equipment you need, what fish are biting this time of year and the best bait options to reel them in.

4. Play a Board Game/Cards.
Sit down with Dad and play some games that you enjoyed together in your childhood. Bring some drinks and snacks and make a day out of it. You could even include some of his buddies for an old-fashioned poker night (cigars optional).

5. Ask Him to Tell Stories. Become your own StoryCorps this Father’s Day and learn something about Dad you didn’t know. Sit back, get comfortable and ask him questions about the adventures of his youth, his first car or his first love. With his permission, consider recording the conversation for prosperity. It’s something you’ll cherish later and he’ll enjoy your attention and interest.

6. Hit the Links. Golf is a sport for all ages and a wonderful way to spend quiet time together in some friendly competition while getting some exercise too. Is your dad no longer able to swing the driver? Pick a putt-putt or miniature course instead. It’s a fun, faster game and you still get the quality time with Dad on the “green.”

7. Go to a Museum.
On a hot summer day museums are always a terrific, air-conditioned option. Whether Dad is into art, photography, history or sports, a healthy walk around his favorite museum is truly quality time.

8. Find a Brewery. Does Dad love his suds? Local breweries are popping up everywhere. CraftBeer.com can help you find breweries near your home and most offer tours and tastings.

9. Go on a Treasure Hunt.
Do something that will take you both back to your childhood fantasies and hunt for hidden treasure! Whether you live near a beach, a large field or a park, combing the area with metal detectors can be an exciting activity and a great way to spend some time outdoors (and maybe strike it rich).

10. Teach Him How to Use a New Device.
Internet use for seniors is growing at a rapid rate. When the elderly are trained in the use of social media and email, they perform better cognitively and experience improved health. Many use social media and technology to bridge the geographic gap between them and their loved ones or to reconnect with friends from a long time ago, reducing isolation and loneliness. Help Dad set up a smartphone or tablet for Facebook, Skype and other social activities.

11. Rent Old Movies. If Dad is a movie buff, casual fan or even just has limited mobility, renting some classic movies is a great way to enjoy time together. Settle into an easy chair, pop some popcorn and watch John Wayne save the day, or Clark Gable not give a damn. You’ll be reciting dialog together and cheering on the good guys in no time.
No matter what ideas for Father’s Day you choose, commit yourself to spending time with your dad. It will mean a lot to both of you now and in the future.

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