8 Christmas & Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Posted by Enlivant support center on December 8, 2022

Finding the right gift is never easy, and it’s especially hard when you’re buying gifts for older parents and grandparents who seem to have everything. The last thing you want is to crowd your loved one’s living space with more knickknacks or things they don’t need. To help jump start your holiday shopping, Enlivant has compiled a list of gift ideas for seniors!

1. Family History

Give your senior loved one a gift membership to Ancestry.com and together, you can explore your roots and learn your family’s story from billions of historical records.  

2. Lap Desk

Having a sturdy surface to read, write, or even do crossword puzzles on is handy for seniors. The LapGear MyDesk comes in different colors and even has compartments to hold things like pens or a mobile phone.

3. Talking Photo Album

A talking photo album enables your loved one to enjoy photos while they hear the sound of your voice. Albums like this one have 20 pages with six seconds recording time for each page. 

4. Magnifying Glass Necklace

No one will know this pretty necklace is also a magnifying glass. With this clever gift, seniors will no longer struggle to read tiny print on labels or medication bottles again. 

5. Electronic Reader

Seniors who love to read, but have trouble holding a book, will enjoy e-readers like the Kindle. They are truly easy to use and the adjustable font size is helpful for aging eyes.

6. Electric Throw Blanket

As we age, it becomes harder for us to regulate our body temperature. A heated throw can quickly warm up chilled seniors. It’s also the perfect size for snuggling on a couch or chair.  

7. Flower Subscription

Set up a schedule with a local florist to deliver a modest bouquet of fresh flowers to your loved one each month (or as often as you like) for a year. The first delivery can include a special vase to display the bouquets.

8. Your Time

Perhaps the most appreciated gift of all is spending time together. To make a visit extra special, bring a new game to play or spend the time lending a hand by addressing holiday cards or organizing closets. This is also a great opportunity to check-in on your love one’s wellbeing

Buying gifts for seniors can be challenging, but these ideas are sure to help direct your holiday shopping. Whatever you choose, your senior loved one will be grateful for your thoughtful gift and the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with you!

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