4 Memory and Brain Exercises for Seniors

Posted by Enlivant support center on August 30, 2017
As we age, we want to keep our bodies in the best shape as possible, but it’s also important to keep our minds in shape. Scientists have proven that the brain starts deteriorating with age. The good news: you can keep that deterioration at bay with brain exercises, and some neurological research suggests that mental exercise may reduce your chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 70 percent. Here are a few mind exercises that are great for seniors and people of all ages. And, they’re fun too. Try doing these together with your loved one on a regular basis.
1. Go through family albums
Looking through old photos and recalling people or past events is not only fun to do, but it’s a great form of exercise for your brain. Make a game of it by asking your loved one to recall the year a picture was taken or what was going on at the time.

2. Expand your horizons
Many of us believe we’re too old to learn something new, but research has confirmed that aging doesn’t stop our ability to learn. Developing a new skill such as knitting, learning how to use a smartphone, or even learning a new language are excellent ways to strengthen our brains.  

3. Play games
Many people love tackling Sudoku or crossword puzzles and their brains are benefiting from it. The fact is, all types of games, from Scrabble to computer games are great cognitive exercises because they stimulate problem-solving skills. And, learning a new game is even better, as explained above.
4. Get creative
Expressing creativity through painting, drawing, or writing a short story all require our imagination. It forces our minds to look at things differently, which activates different parts of the brain. Next time you’re with your loved one, bring along a fun craft project to do together.

Learning how to exercise your brain is important to help prevent brain deterioration. Be sure to try out some of these mind exercises for seniors to keep your brain healthy and active