Core Value Spotlight: Compassion

Posted by Enlivant support center on October 27, 2022

Every day, we strive to put our core values of Compassion, Humility, Inclusion, Excellence and Fun into action at our communities.

At Enlivant, our core value of Compassion is the backbone of everything we do. Every decision we make is based on empathy and the innate desire to make sure our residents are supported, comforted, and thriving.

This month, we’re highlighting employees who exemplify Compassion by leading with empathy in every interaction. They make a difference in the lives of the residents they serve and the teammates they support, and we’re so grateful for their meaningful contributions at our communities.

Read on to learn more and celebrate these compassionate employees!

Angie Cook - Life Enrichment Coordinator, Kokomo Place, Indiana

Working as a Life Enrichment Coordinator over the past 8 months at Kokomo Place in Kokomo, Indiana, Angie embodies compassion through her commitment to creating programs and activities that connect with each and every resident – even if they’re not a social butterfly. 

“I am in awe of how Angie focuses on those that tend to keep to themselves, who are new to the community or who are shy,” says Heidi Myers, Executive Director at Kokomo Place. “Angie will introduce herself, work hard to discover their favorite things and likes of those residents. 

She makes sure that they realize they are each special and a big part of the community.” 

Angie makes connections with her residents and co-workers by listening to them to better understand how she can help and lets them know she is always available, while not expecting anything in return. “Angie is a humble, compassionate staff member and it is such an honor to work with her,” says Heidi.

Sandy Vorhauer - Lead Medical Technician, Amity Place, Pennsylvania

During Sandy’s 8 years as Lead Medical Tech at Amity Place, she always puts the needs of her residents first, focusing on compassionate conversations so residents know they can talk to her about anything.  

“Sandy is a leader and pushes to constantly improve services for the residents and staff. Her communication with family members is second to none.

Sandy ensures the families are aware of any and all updates regarding their loved ones and documents her conversations so other med techs and staff can answer questions and provide details in her absence,” says Marc Heil, Executive Director at Amity Place.

In times of stress, she is often a calming presence and does what she can to improve the situation for all involved. “Sandy is a true asset to Amity Place and Enlivant,” says Marc.

David Barron - Qualified Medication Aide, McKinney Place, Indiana

Working as a Qualified Medication Aide over the past year, David never stops thinking about how he can help his residents – even when he’s not at McKinney Place! During his free time, David visits residents who are in physical rehabilitation and has even painted a piece of personalized artwork for each resident that they proudly hang outside their apartments. 

“David is the true definition of compassion,” says Rachel Sailors, Executive Director at McKinney Place. “I have never witnessed another employee exemplify compassion to residents and is quite like David.”

David treats his residents and colleagues with respect and dignity, honoring each individual’s needs and feelings. David says: “I feel rewarded everyday I come to work and leave every evening feeling blessed. This is truly the most rewarding thing I have ever done.”

Brenda Kemp - Resident Care Partner, Dublin Place, Georgia

For the past 20 years, Brenda has consistently shown compassion and patience with staff, residents and family members at Dublin Place, working primarily as a Resident Care Partner in Memory Care.

“She is a valuable member of the team and her compassion is admired by the entire team,” says McKenzie Cardwell, Executive Director at Dublin Place. “Brenda shows her compassion to anyone and everyone.”

Brenda demonstrates genuine concern and provides quality care for her residents by spending time with them, encouraging them and ensuring that they each feel important and cared for.  

She is always compassionate with her fellow employees by showing them kindness, respect, and fostering teamwork.

Brenda’s natural compassion helps make her residents feel comfortable, especially during challenging times. One afternoon, a Memory Care resident became confused and began showing her frustration. Within just 30 minutes of arriving, Brenda calmed and comforted the resident, and even had her enjoying a snack. The resident was peaceful and happy for the rest of the evening, all thanks to Brenda’s compassionate care.