Core Value Spotlight: Excellence

Posted by Enlivant support center on November 30, 2022

Our core values of Compassion, Humility, Inclusion, Excellence, and Fun guide all of our actions, and Excellence is one we especially take pride in. We’re always striving to improve the lives of our residents and create a better, more enriching environment for everyone.

This month, we’re highlighting employees who exemplify Excellence by striving to be the best in everything they do. They make a difference in the lives of the residents they serve and the teammates they support, and we’re so grateful for their meaningful contributions at our communities.

Read on to learn more and celebrate these exceptional employees!

Kim Shiflet - Community Relations Manager, Ashley Place, South Carolina

Kim has been at Ashey Place in Greenwood, SC, for 3 years: first as a Life Enrichment Coordinator and now, after a promotion, as the Community Relations Manager. Throughout her time with Enlivant, Kim is always looking for ways to go above and beyond. 

“My goal every day is for Ashley Place to be the best it can be, for our team to thrive and grow together, and for our seniors to know that I am here to do anything and everything I can for them,” says Kim.

Kim is always willing to go the extra mile to make seniors feel loved and valued. During one home visit with a prospective resident living alone, Kim realized he needed medical attention immediately – and she made it happen. She called 911 and rode along with EMS to the hospital, even visiting him daily in the ICU after he was admitted. To make his move to Ashley Place easier, she helped move him out of his apartment and into his new home. 

Scott Cirello - Maintenance Supervisor, Woodbourne Place, Pennsylvania

Scott has worked as Maintenance Supervisor at Woodbourne Place in Levittown, PA, for almost 2 years and aims to be polite, courteous, and understanding in all of his interactions with residents and staff. 

Scott's dedication to his residents and knowledge in his maintenance role go hand in hand. “His response and actions are quick when a request comes in for any type of repair for the residents,” says Iris West, Executive Director at Woodbourne Place. 

“He comes in on his day off or after his shift has ended if there is an emergency in the building with no complaints.”

And Scott always shares his problem-solving skills too, being sure to carefully explain what he did to resolve any issue so residents and staff can understand.

Devin Blalock - Regional Sales Specialist, North Texas Region

Devin has been with Enlivant for 5 years, working as a Community Relations Manager and Executive Director before moving into the Regional Sales Specialist role. Devin strives to listen and earn trust early with potential residents, so they can feel at ease when exploring their senior living options. 

Many residents have thanked Devin for helping them make the decision to move into assisted living.

Chelsea Bain, Community Relations Manager at Preston Place, says she has learned so much working with Devin. “I feel so very lucky to have been set up for success in my own role and cannot wait to see how Devin grows and continues to blow things out of the water in serving every single senior.”

Devin believes that Excellence is the result of hard work and the commitment to consistently give 100 percent. “I focus on the things that are in my control and results follow,” says Devin. “I push my teams and myself to be a little better every day. I believe in celebrating the small wins.”

Rachel Fedele - Licensed Practical Nurse, Portland Place, Ohio

Rachel has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse at Portland Place in Sandusky, OH, for 6 months. Rachel is a team player, jumping in to support and encourage her fellow co-workers. “I try to exemplify a positive and cheerful attitude every day,” says Rachel.

After joining the team, Rachel sought additional training and knowledge, so she could excel in her role. She is a huge advocate for her community and inspires Excellence in others too, referring 4 other clinical team members to Enlivant – all of whom are top performers.

Her Excellence is clear with her residents as well. “I do my best to individualize my residents and listen to their wants and needs and provide the best possible care overall,” says Rachel. “I love to listen to their stories and joke and laugh - after all, laughter is the best medicine.”