Core Value Spotlight: Inclusion

Posted by Enlivant support center on August 31, 2022

August marks the one-year anniversary of adding Inclusion to our core values. At Enlivant, our core value of Inclusion connects us to each other. We believe no matter who you are, everyone can make a meaningful contribution at Enlivant. Our communities thrive when our people do.  To mark this milestone, we’re highlighting employees who exemplify Inclusion by connecting with their colleagues and residents and celebrating diversity and individuality.

Read on to learn more and celebrate our fantastic employees!

Gina Montgomery - Life Enrichment Coordinator, Grayson Place

In her role as Life Enrichment Coordinator at Grayson Place in Denison, Texas, Gina Montgomery is the backbone of her community. “Gina lives and breathes inclusion,” says Taletha Sims, Executive Director at Grayson Place. “She spends every second of every day making sure all residents and employees feel a sense of belonging and makes them feel worthy.”

Even when a resident does not want to participate, Gina says she still tries to make them smile and brighten their day. With events, regularly employees and residents are invited to include their families, and Gina makes sure everyone feels welcome. 

She makes sure to include residents in fun activities, whether it is going for a scenic drive, going to the movies, shopping or events, such as a recent luau-themed party.

Gina sees her residents as individuals and always celebrates their achievements – whether big or small. Even if a resident must miss an activity, she still tries to make residents smile to brighten their day.

“She is constantly thinking of ways to make everyone feel they can do anything. You should see the smiles on the residents’ faces when she walks into the room,” says Taletha.

Natalya Pylman - Resident Care Partner, Liberty Place

As a Resident Care Partner at Liberty Place in Port Orchard, Washington, Natalya Pylman has found her community to be inclusive and welcoming, and she, in turn, has made being inclusive an important part of her work. 

“For me, as a trans female, I was shocked that employees and residents accepted me for who I am at Liberty Place, and it helped me break out of my shell,” says Natalya. “I work with employees and residents from different cultures, religions and other differences from me. I always tell people that I don’t care what background you come from,” says Natalya.  “I’ll speak with anyone and help you through anything. I really care about the residents we are serving.” 

Because of her openness, residents will seek out Natalya during the night shift when they can’t sleep. She’ll always stop to make some hot chocolate and comfort the resident, even in the middle of the night. 

Rhonda Ballenger - Resident Care Partner, Addison Place

After nine years with Enlivant as a Resident Care Partner at Addison Place in New Castle, Indiana, everyone knows Rhonda Ballenger – and she knows everyone! She is adored by residents and employees alike and takes the time to get to know each resident individually, saying, “before you know it, you know their whole life story!” 

“Rhonda has a way of making everyone feel included and validated,” says Jackie Adams, Executive Director at Addison Place, which is especially important to new residents who may need help opening up and finding their place within the community. 

She helps them make new friends and feel valued in their new home through conversation and getting to know the resident. 

“Rhonda has a heart of gold and will go above and beyond,” says Jackie. “She treats [our residents] as she would her own family and is beloved not only by them, but her coworkers as well. She truly is a blessing to our community.”

We’re so fortunate to have employees dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming workplace where employees and residents can bring their whole selves to work. In the coming months we will highlight employees who exemplify our core values of Compassion, Humility, Excellence, and Fun next!