Winning chef recipe #5: Haluski

Posted by Enlivant support center on November 16, 2017
Everyone enjoys comfort food, especially this time of year. That’s why you’ll want to try winning Chef Philip Haughey’s recipe for Haluski. Originating in Poland, Haluski is a simple, rustic meal comprised of noodles and cabbage. Haughey, a chef for 25 years, learned how to make Haluski early on in his career and noticed how it appealed especially to seniors. That still proves true today with the residents he cooks for at Logan Place. This Thanksgiving, try Haluski in place of one of the more traditional side dishes — or just add it to the menu. Next up: Our final winning chef. Don’t miss it.

Philip Haughey is part of the team at Logan Place who ensures residents are served delicious homemade food. More information about Logan Place can be found here.