Fun and Easy Hobby Ideas for Seniors

Posted by Enlivant support center on May 23, 2022

Retirement is the ideal time for seniors to immerse themselves in the recreational activities they may not have had time for when they were working and raising families. Additionally, hobbies for seniors play a big part in staying active, healthy, and happy. Make sure your loved one is regularly engaging in established hobbies and encourage them to explore a few new ones too! Below are some fun and easy hobby ideas for seniors.


Besides exercising dexterity, knitting is a great meditative activity that can help reduce anxiety and stress. It is also a hobby for seniors at home and can help an aging loved one feel productive and valuable when they complete items to benefit family, friends, or those in need.


Yoga is adaptable to any fitness level and can serve as a much-needed strength exercise for aging bodies. Help a senior sign up for regular classes at a local studio or browse a variety of Yoga apps that they can easily access on a smart phone or tablet.

Game Club

Whether it’s Bridge, Euchre, Canasta or something else, game clubs offer a social and engaging outlet for seniors. Nowadays, it's easy to play games such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or word searches on phones and tablets too. Choose a brain boosting game and have some fun!


Tending a garden may be one of the more cliched retirement activities, but for good reason! It’s a skill that can be easily cultivated, gets seniors outdoors and active, and can yield fresh fruits and veggies as part of a healthy senior diet.


Local organizations and charities are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers. Helping your senior give back to the community can help improve their self-esteem and provide them with additional social opportunities. Learn more about volunteering opportunities here.

Researching Family History

DNA kits are all the rage these days, but they do not always provide the full picture. Seniors can help connect past generations by leveraging resources at their local library to fill out a complete family tree.

These hobbies provide seniors with entertainment as well as the ability to stay active, engaged, and keep learning. Encourage your loved one to explore a variety of hobbies for seniors and participate on a regular basis.

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