Meet Our PETember Contest Runners Up

Posted by Enlivant support center on October 29, 2018
When we asked residents across the Enlivant family to share photos of their furry (or feathered) friends in our PETember Photo Contest, we were blown away by the response. So we couldn’t choose just one winner. We selected three runners up (two dogs and one cat).  

Learn a little bit about our runners up here.

Betty and Rhody of Wheeler Place

senior woman with dog

What’s your pet’s personality like?
He is very calm, loving and friendly...I think sometimes he forgets that he is a dog. :)

What’s your favorite thing to do with Rhody?
It's a toss-up between cuddling on the couch, watching TV together, or walking around the community together soaking up the love and attention.

Favorite memory with your pet?
I received a call from the pound, saying they had something for me to check out. When I got there, and met Rhody for the first was LOVE AT FIRST LICK!!

Does Rhody have any tricks?
If he does, I don't know about them yet. Maybe someday he will surprise us all.

What does your pet bring to your life?

Lots of love and companionship. I rescued Rhody from the pound (he was found abandoned on the side of the road), but the truth is, HE REALLY RESCUED ME!! He is truly my best friend.

Ellen and Jada of Dalton Place 

woman with small black dog

How long have you had Jada for?  
Jada has been in our family for 8 years. She’s a rescue from the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia.

What’s your pet’s personality like?
Jada is very sweet, unless you are wearing a hat. She doesn’t like people who wear hats but tends to warm up after you remove the hat. Jada loves it when kids come visit. One of our residents (John) brings her treats every week, she’s definitely spoiled.

What’s Jada’s favorite thing to do at Enlivant?  
Of course Jada loves to visit with the residents and their families, but she absolutely loves watching the front door. When the seasons change and there is a different flag up front or something unusual outside, Jada is on guard. She can see it through the front windows and knows it’s not exactly right so sometimes she barks but mostly she just stares and makes sure nobody strange comes through the doors.

What does your pet bring to your life?  
She brings joy, humor, peace and comfort. Every morning, I know Jada needs to go outside so I get up and walk with her. She helps keep me on a routine. She sleeps with me at night, but in the middle of the night she goes to her bed which we call the “mattress” and she sleeps on alert by watching my front door. If anything strange were to happen, Jada will let me know. I know I am safe as long as I have Jada by my side.

Martin and Blackie of Carter Place

elderly man with cat
What’s your favorite thing to do with Blackie?
Blackie is great company for my wife, Beverly, and me. When we return after meals or activities, Blackie always greets us when we enter the apartment. If my wife gets there first, she will open the door so Blackie can run down the hallway and greet me as I’m rolling my wheelchair down the long hallway. Blackie then ushers me back into the apartment, just like he’s welcoming me back home. 

What’s your pet’s personality like?
Blackie has the usual independence of a cat, yet the loyalty of a dog. He’s very protective. The staff knows him and he knows them, but if someone he does not recognize comes in, he will growl at them in his most “ferocious” way. He takes turns sleeping with my wife and me. Although he likes to hog the bed, we like to think he’s also protecting us.
What does Blackie do that makes you laugh?
Sometimes he races through our 2-room apartment like he is in a race with himself. He also likes to jump to the counter top then the top of the cupboards in our little kitchenette area in two large leaps. From the tops of the cupboards, he then acts like he is surveying his entire kingdom.
What does your pet bring to your life?   
Blackie brings lots of love and joy to my wife, Beverly, and me. We’d both grown up on farms and had always had pets when raising our two daughters. Blackie is part of our family. He receives gifts (cat treats, toys) at Christmas and also “signs” greeting cards for family members. Since we’ve always had a cat as a pet, our grandchildren call me “Kitty Grandpa” and my wife is “Kitty Grandma.” Blackie is always happy to see us, greeting us when we return to our apartment after meals and activities, and listening thoughtfully when we talk to him. Blackie is a loyal and devoted friend. 

It is clear that pets are family at Enlivant and bring so much joy and happiness to our residents. We are so proud to be a pet-friendly senior living provider