Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

Posted by Enlivant Support Center on May 3, 2023

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what to get mom, or stepmom, grandma, aunt, friend, or any influential woman in your life!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Below are some great Mother's Day gift ideas for grandmas and moms.

1. Coloring books

Coloring books aren’t just child’s play – they are beneficial to adults as well! Coloring strengthens focus and creativity and can have similar effects to meditation when it comes to relieving stress. With today’s selection, you won’t be hard up for fun themes and patterns your mom will love. Don’t forget the colored pencils!

2. Weighted blanket

These comforting blankets are a great gift idea for any mom experiencing sleep issues as they age. The weight of the blanket helps sleep come easier and reduces stress and anxiety at bedtime. Plus, they are super comfy! 

3. Fitness tracker

The benefits of physical exercise, especially in older women, are undeniable. A fitness wearable can help motivate mom to hit her fitness goals everyday. A Fitbit or fitness tracker is the perfect gift to help her feel healthy and strong as she ages, and maybe inspire a little competition too.

4. Plants

Most moms will receive flowers for Mother’s Day, but plants last way longer! Plant companions are good to talk to and help purify the air in your mom’s space. Opt for plants that don’t need much upkeep, like succulents or a Peace Lily. She'll develop a green thumb in no time!

5. Custom jewelry

Jewelry is always welcomed! Engrave a loving sentiment into a bracelet or personalize a locket so mom can always be reminded of how loved she is. She will wear it with pride.

As mom and grandma transition through their golden years, it’s a good idea to keep gifts thoughtful, small, and easily accessible. They are sure to appreciate these great Mother's Day gifts for seniors!

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