Moving to Assisted Living Checklist

Posted by Enlivant support center on June 5, 2019

You’ve made the decision to move a loved one to an assisted living community. It’s not an easy transition, but with the proper planning in place, it can be a more pleasant one. Check out our assisted living checklist below for everything you need to consider when moving to a senior living community.

1. Find the right community. Be sure to include your loved one in the selection process and manage expectations. Research each community you’re considering, tour them and ask the staff lots of questions. Remind seniors that this is a positive new opportunity to continue their independence safely and securely.

2. Planning. Don’t delay on packing, especially if a parent has lived in their home for a long time. Schedule movers as far in advance as possible. Before moving day, make sure you’ve scheduled a change of address with the post office and that you’ve transferred any important financial or medical accounts to the new address.

3. Packing. Have a floor plan with measurements of the new space in hand so you know which items will fit and which ones won’t. Sort boxes by room and clearly label them so it’s easier to unpack. Digitize photos and video tapes when possible so they take up less space.

4. Welcome party. Celebrate a new chapter ahead! Invite close friends and family over for an unpacking party or coordinate a celebration with the community to make your parent feel at home in their new digs and reinforce this positive change.

5. Personal touches. Plants, photos, books and other familiar décor will smooth a senior’s transition to their assisted living space. Make sure that all the items they need to function each day (walker, medication, glasses, hearing aids, etc.) are in reach and easy to access.

This checklist will help your loved one with a smooth transition to assisted living. After move-in, family and loved ones should be sure to make routine visits and calls. Soon enough seniors will adjust, make friends and feel at home in their new community.