National Nurses Week 2022: Rooted in Strength

Posted by Enlivant support center on May 6, 2022

In honor of National Nurses Week, we are celebrating our nurses who work every day to enrich the lives of our residents, to care for them and to protect them, while advancing health and wellness throughout our communities. They truly represent what it means to be rooted in strength and we are so grateful for each one of them, and the many residents across our communities who served as nurses during their careers. Read on for some of the special nurses that work and live in our communities.

Brantley Bielic - Care Services Manager, Kesslerwood Place

Brantley has known since high school he wanted to become a nurse. Since then, he’s worked at a variety of facilities including in long term care and hospitals. His favorite memory during his time at Kesslerwood Place is when a resident asked if they could take his picture. When he asked why, the resident said they wanted to show their family the person that saved their life. Brantley is so grateful for that resident and the constant reminder that he is making a difference every single day.

Giovanni Montague-Sneed - Regional Director of Care Services, Blue Ridge Region

While her grandparents were facing health challenges, Giovanni witnessed selfless and compassionate care from their nurses, and it inspired her to pursue her master’s degree in Community Health & Healthcare Management before continuing on to nursing school. After exploring clinical nursing, she realized her true passion is in Senior Living & Geriatrics, and she believes nursing has given her the opportunity to bring a light of hope to the lives of others and make a positive change in their lives, always remembering to “celebrate even the smallest victories!” 

Barbara Carsten - Resident, Deane Hill Place

Barbara graduated from nursing school in 1957 and worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse. Back then, the sex of the baby was typically shared at birth, and as a nurse, she was the one who delivered the news to the families. Her favorite and most rewarding memories were those moments she burst into the waiting room to announce “it’s a boy (or girl)!” – and that mom and baby were doing great. Barbara knows that nursing looks very different these days but filling a need in someone’s life remains the same.

Jessica Wingfield - Care Services Manager, Cave Spring Place

Jessica’s mother was a nurse, and growing up, she remembers wanting to be just like her. As soon as she started nursing school, her mother began to have health issues and Jessica vowed to always be her caregiver and has held onto that promise. Now she believes that being a nurse is her superpower! Helping people is truly her passion, and she brings her positive attitude to work every day. On the difficult days, she listens to gospel music and remembers her “why.”

Tina Garris - Resident Care Coordinator, Lanier Place

Tina decided to go to nursing school because she felt it was her job in society to offer healing hands and a compassionate heart to those who need it most. She graduated from nursing school in 2020 right at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and she jumped right in to help serve our residents. Jessica’s biggest piece of advice for aspiring nurses is to be fully committed to education, so the highest quality of care can be provided.

Marylou Constable - Resident, Barnes Place

Marylou graduated nursing school in 1957 and went on to work in a Veterans Hospital. A woman in Marylou’s church is how she pursued nursing. Marylou’s family did not have the money to send her to school, and this kind woman lent her the $300 fee to attend. Marylou did not take that lightly and threw everything she had into nursing. Today, her granddaughter has followed in her nursing footsteps and Marylou couldn’t be prouder.

Todd Glass - Regional Director of Care Services, Florida Tennessee Region

Todd started his nursing career in 1989 and always enjoyed working with underserved populations. He initially worked in the ER, followed by Corrections and Electrophysiology before joining the Enlivant team. Todd lives by his motto of always doing what is right and treating everyone like he’d like his mom to be treated. He wishes his mother could’ve lived to see him as an adult, and he recalls the nurses care when his mother was undergoing chemo. They always treated her and his family with dignity and respect, which he strives to emulate today.

June "Evelyn" Williams - Resident, Foothills Place

When June was in her mid-50s, she decided to complete her GED and went on to Nursing School to become an LPN. She took a position as a resident nurse in a local factory building, and after a few years, June earned her LVN certificate and worked in an assisted living facility. With the love and support of her family (especially her husband, who was her biggest cheerleader), co-workers, and patients, she knows that nursing was the right path for her and looks back with fond memories.