Our 10 Favorite Apps for Senior Citizens

Posted by Enlivant support center on October 26, 2017
While seniors are usually slower to adopt the latest technology, the number of older adults embracing mobile devices is surprisingly high. In fact, nearly half of adults 65 and older own smartphones according to Pew Research Center. Tech companies are wisely catching on, developing  iPhone apps for seniors. Here are our top 10 favorites.
1. Red Panic Button (Free)
This is similar to the emergency alerts that can be worn around the neck, except it’s on your smartphone. When the app’s red icon is pressed, an urgent message is sent to a pre-programmed list of friends and family members.
2. Pillboxie ($1.99)
Designed by a registered nurse, this app helps remind seniors to take their medication on time. Users can also view a list of their meds and check them off as they go.
3. Yesteradio (Free)
This app lets seniors download old-time radio programs, so they can listen to favorites like Burns & Allen and Dragnet.
4. Lumosity (Free)
Keeping our minds sharp is important as we get older. Lumosity provides different types of brain games that challenge memory, cognitive skills and more.

5. EyeReader ($1.99)
This app allows seniors to use their smartphones like a magnifying glass. It also illuminates the reading surface, so it’s great for reading small print in dark places, like restaurants.
6. Audible (Free 30 day trial)
Seniors who enjoy books, but have trouble reading can relax and listen to their favorite stories on the Audible app.
7. NPR (Free)
It’s no longer necessary to have a radio to listen to NPR. With the app, your loved one can listen to current news or archived programs and interviews right from his or her phone.
8. Skype (Free)
Seniors can stay connected to friends and family near and far with Skype. And, unlike other video chatting platforms, Skype works across all devices, i.e. iPhone, Android.   

9. & 10. Crosswords Classic and Sudoku (Free)
Popular puzzles like Crosswords Classic and Sudoku can also be enjoyed on smartphones. They’re great for passing the time, as well as exercising brains.   

These apps for seniors are perfect for keeping your loved ones feeling safe, smart and secure as well as a great way to have some fun from the comfort of their homes.