Our COVID-19 Response and Vaccine Update

Posted by Enlivant Support Center on February 17, 2021

The below is written by Dr. Jonathan Evans, MD, who serves as Enlivant’s Medical Advisor. A graduate of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Dr. Evans studied internal medicine and is a geriatric physician.

The new year has brought renewed hope for a brighter and healthier future for our nation and the world. Vaccination against COVID-19 began in earnest for residents and employees of our Enlivant communities, and we believe this represents our best hope for ending the pandemic that has cost millions of precious and irreplaceable lives around the world.

Although vaccines remain scarce across the nation and world, those of you who call Enlivant home - residents of our community and the caregivers who serve you - were prioritized to receive a vaccine by the Federal, state, and local governments, an affirmation of both your worth as human beings and the vital importance of your work.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead this year, I wanted to share four reasons we are hopeful that more lives will be saved and we can start to return to normal in 2021.

Infection Rates are Falling. In recent weeks, rates of COVID-19 infection have begun to decrease across the country and across the world. Studies have shown that infection rates have fallen even faster in long-term care settings where vaccination has begun.

100% of Enlivant Communities Completed the First Vaccine Clinics. We are thrilled to announce that every single one of our Enlivant communities has officially begun the vaccination process, with many communities already receiving their second dose.  As expected, residents and employees of Enlivant Communities have enthusiastically signed up to be vaccinated. The enthusiasm for the vaccination is a reflection of a deep commitment to caring and concern for others. There is no more important work that human beings can do.

Easing Restrictions. As vaccinations become more widespread, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is developing guidelines for easing restrictions among those who are fully vaccinated, which are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. We expect that we all will notice a difference very soon at the Enlivant communities.

Vaccines Prove Effective Against Emerging Strains. A developing threat to the health and safety of Americans overall is the emergence of new COVID-19 variants. The UK variant, first detected in the United Kingdom, is a particular cause of concern because it is far more contagious and may also be more lethal. The COVID-19 vaccines administered to Enlivant residents and staff are the most effective vaccines ever developed against COVID-19, including the UK variant.

Despite the threat that new COVID-19 variants pose, there is ample reason to be hopeful about a future that we can clearly see, and that is almost within our grasp: a future where we once again embrace those we love, and we hold each other close. Until that short time passes, we hold each other closely in our hearts.

Thank you to each of the Enlivant employees for their unwavering commitment to love and caring for each other and our residents. There is no more important work that human beings can do. We use the power of our words and actions to express love, to give comfort, and to be united. Thank you for the difference you make!