Stand Strong with our Fall Prevention Checklist

Posted by Enlivant support center on September 27, 2017
Seniors know there’s an increased risk for accidental falls as they age, but many believe it won’t happen to them. On the bright side, most falls are preventable. As part of National Fall Prevention Awareness Week, Enlivant is encouraging people to review this checklist  to help keep seniors standing strong.
Clear all pathways. Take a fresh look at your loved one’s living space. Make it as easy as possible to get from room to room by removing tables, plant stands, etc. from high-traffic areas. Tape down area rugs or remove them altogether.  

Get sturdy shoes. Those comfy slippers may not be the most supportive. Check to see if your loved one’s shoes are too loose, have slick bottoms, or a heel that can make it easy to trip or lose balance.
Stay active. Encourage your loved one to keep moving. Staying active and doing balance exercises can help seniors increase strength, coordination and make them more steady on their feet. 

Add lights. As we age, seeing at night gets harder. Add extra lights or nightlights in key areas, such as stairways, hallways, and bathrooms. Check to see that there’s a flashlight next to the bed in case of a power outage.

Install handrails. Prevent falls by adding handrails on both sides of stairways, and assistive devices in the bathroom, such as a raised toilet seat and a plastic stool for the shower or tub. 

Visit the eye doctor. It’s easy to miss yearly check-ups. Encourage your loved one to get their vision screened regularly to ensure their prescriptions are up to date.  

Make sure to follow these tips for elderly fall prevention to help keep your loved ones safe, healthy, and happy this Fall.