The Road to Reopen Assisted Living Facilities

Posted by Dr. Jonathan Evans on May 19, 2021
Discussing Assisted Living Reopen Plan with Dr. Evans, Enlivant's Medical Advisor.

Many of you have gone as long as a year without being allowed to visit your loved ones due to COVID-19 orders designed to protect you and others. I want to personally extend my gratitude and admiration for all you have done to stay positive and connected during this difficult time. Hardships have a way of bringing out the best in people, and this year we found an even greater purpose in loving and caring for one another. As we face the beginning of the end of this pandemic, let’s look at what that means for our Enlivant communities.

Vaccine Clinics are Complete.
Enlivant has completed 100% of scheduled COVID-19 vaccine clinics, meaning that every resident and staff member had the opportunity to receive two doses of vaccines in their community. We are thrilled more than 95% of all eligible residents were vaccinated, giving them the best available protection from the virus. In addition, about 80% of all qualifying Enlivant team members have been vaccinated with a commitment to have all employees vaccinated by this summer.

Welcome Back!
When will assisted living facilities reopen?”

That’s a common question many ask as they try to reconnect with loved ones. The number of COVID-19 cases nationwide is still dangerously high, and rising over the past several weeks, but visitation is now permitted because of the extraordinary success of Assisted Living COVID-19 vaccination plans and safety protocols. Nationwide, cases have fallen more than 95% among residents in long-term care settings and the vast majority of cases and hospitalizations are now occurring among unvaccinated Americans 50 years old and younger.

We are ecstatic that our residents’ family and friends are finally able to be reunited with their loved ones! This should never again be seen as a luxury, and these connections are essential to the well being of every resident.

Assisted Living Reopen Plan.

Enlivant is committed to making visitation safe and available to everyone, even if you have not yet received your COVID-19 vaccination. New protocols include a careful and consistent screening process for visitors as well as staff. We are dedicated to making your visit safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

To minimize risk to visitors and the very few unvaccinated residents, visitors will be screened before entry and will focus their time in either their loved one’s apartment or a dedicated visitation room. Because the risk of infection is 19 times lower outdoors, we are making visitation and group activities more available outdoors, especially as the weather improves. We encourage every resident and family member to feel the warmth of the sun together.

As visitation resumes, so have in-person tours for those considering joining our communities. Additionally, government regulations no longer require new vaccinated residents to isolate in their apartments for the first several days.

CDC announced on May 13th that fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks indoors or out. This guidance does not apply to healthcare or senior living settings like Enlivant communities. For the time being, we will require masks among visitors while in common areas, and recommend residents wear masks when outside their apartments. Our employees will continue to wear masks for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

The past year has been a very difficult test for our nation and each other. It has been a test of patience, endurance, strength, faith, will, and kindness. I look forward to a future together where life is defined not by what we endure to live longer, but by how well we live it together, sharing the journey wherever it leads us.