Enlivant COVID-19 Response

March 17, 2020

There is no question we are living in difficult times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading globally and nationally at a staggering rate. I am concerned not only as an executive in the senior living industry, but also as a husband, father and the oldest adult child of aging parents.

With 230 senior living communities across 26 states, Enlivant has been actively monitoring ever evolving COVID-19 developments, literally on an hour by hour basis, seven days a week, for quite some time now.

From a protocol perspective, you should know we are carefully monitoring and complying with COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). We are also partnering closely with the regulatory bodies across each state we operate in to ensure compliance with their rapidly evolving protocols. And finally, although the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) does not govern our business, we continue to monitor their recommended COVID-19 guidelines for skilled nursing facilities and have applied many of their best practices to the extent they are applicable. Please visit enlivant.com/covid19 for critical updates as we are regularly posting new information.

Enlivant’s first priority is continuing to keep our existing residents and employees safe, healthy and happy, as we have done for nearly 40 years now. I am so proud of our 7,500+ dedicated and compassionate employees who have risen to the occasion to do just that over the past several weeks. To each of you, I thank you very sincerely. It’s not lost on me that for so many of you, your role with Enlivant is so much more than just a job; it’s also a passion, a mission and a life calling. Your actions over the past several weeks have reminded me of that time and time again.

Enlivant’s second priority pertains to leveraging what we do best – assisting families in need who want to move their loved one in with us. We recognize Enlivant plays a mission critical role in the broader healthcare spectrum and we are here to do our part. Make no doubt about it, Enlivant remains open to serve and support families in need - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many hospitals and skilled nursing facilities across the country are completely overtaxed right now so know we remain committed to remaining open and making a difference when and where we can. It’s also important to know, in an abundance of caution, we have made significant changes to our move in protocols to ensure we are keeping everyone in the community safe. I believe, especially in this current environment, there is no safer place for an elderly adult to be living right now than in one of our 230 senior living communities. We have licensed nurses, caregivers, meal providers, and yes, continued robust life enrichment activities (all of which contemplate COVID-19 protocols) in place to ensure meaningful social stimulation still occurs.

With all that said, please know that this has been an incredibly fast-moving and constantly changing situation with new information, guidelines and directives being provided hour by hour in many cases. In many instances, changes in protocols need to be implemented the same day. The various changes implemented recently to how we operate were made, and will continue to be made, with positive intent to address the two priorities I outlined above.

I want to share that we may not always telegraph and communicate these changes well ahead of time, as we would normally do. I also need to be transparent and admit this dynamic likely won’t change near term given how fast this disease and regulatory guidelines are evolving. Recently, we made a dramatic shift to restrict non-medical visitors to our communities. Unfortunately, this includes families too. We understand this decision may not be popular and are sympathetic to the reality of what this means. That said, we are guided by our values and it’s just the right thing to do for both our residents and employees’ safety. I trust and hope you will understand that.

These are unprecedented and difficult times for everyone. Please know Enlivant always has the best interests of our current residents, future residents and employees at heart with every decision we make. I am certain that there have been, and will be, times where we miss the mark and potentially disappoint. We ask for your understanding as we continue to navigate this new environment together. Please also know every decision we make is fully aligned with our goal of earning the right to become the nation’s most trusted senior living provider.


Jack R. Callison, Jr signature

Jack R. Callison, Jr.

Enlivant – Chief Executive Officer