A Message from Jack Callison, our CEO, on Why He Took the Vaccine

January 22, 2021

Enlivant Family Members,

We are blessed as a nation to finally have safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines and I am grateful beyond words that Enlivant, a healthcare organization, was prioritized to receive it first. On a personal note, there are several important reasons I gladly took the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Cherryvale Place in Rockford, Illinois last week and will take the second dose there in early February.

First, in addition to my own personal safety and peace of mind, I took the vaccine for my immediate family, parents and friends. Nothing is more important than our own health and the love we have for our family members, which made taking the COVID-19 vaccine such an easy decision for me.

The other important reason I took the vaccine is for our fellow Enlivant employees, residents and families. At Enlivant, we expect our employees to live our mission, vision and values and lead by example every day. As the leader of our company, I felt it was incredibly important to demonstrate, very publicly and transparently, that I am taking the vaccine and doing my part since I am asking and expecting our employees to do the same to protect each other and our residents.

Together, we can do it! We can all help eradicate COVID-19 together, but it will take each and every one of us doing our individual part. Thank you for your support and continued trust in taking care of your loved ones.

  With gratitude

   Jack R. Callison, Jr.

  Enlivant - Chief Executive Officer