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IT'S A THREE-PEAT! All of us at Enlivant wanted to give special thanks to the entire Enlivant team & all our residents across the country for helping us become a certified Great Place to Work for the 3rd year a row! We wouldn’t be us without each one of you. 

All Enlivant Staff

Enlivant Support Center

I am so thankful for having the privilege to work along side of Kathy Adams, our LEC. Residents, family members as well as employees appreciate how Kathy goes above and beyond to provide all around care for our residents. She provides an ear and a shoulder to family members and employees. Kathy is a major asset to the Enlivant family.

Amy Gravitt

Lanier Place

I would like to thank all the staff for taking such good care of my mother during this very difficult time! So great there are no cases of COVID-19 there!

Julie S

Bliss Place

Cece Credille represents all of our core values, but this past year she has shown her Integrity and her Excellence with every new challenge. She has worked tirelessly to keep our residents well, our staff protected, and our communities safe. She is an inspiration and a role model to me.

Julie Stevens

I am grateful for our residents who make me smile everyday! I am grateful for the Bell Oaks team who treat our residents like family! ❤️

Julie V

Bell Oaks Place

Susan Houck, LPN was amazing with my aunt last year. She was always very helpful and took the time to really listen. She would always follow through and check on Mary. I’ve seen nurses who rushed or acted like she was just a job but Susan treated her and the other residents like she was in their home. Thanks so much!

Karen Adams

Bell Gardens Place

My aunt and uncle are residents at Syringa Place. They are 91 and 92. Connie has went far beyond. She makes sure they feel more secure while this lockdown is happening. And she explains to them the reasons things are like they are which is very hard at their age. She also goes beyond by doing my aunt's hair and doing things to keep my uncle entertained. Connie Campbell. There’s lots more.

Karen E

Syringa Place

The staff has been great. I have nothing but admiration for every single one of them.

Karen G

Rock Run Place

The staff at Floyd Place have been wonderful. When I have called in, they always answer. My brother told me they couldn’t be any nicer to him.

Karen H

Floyd Place

Nikki LaBoy has been a godsend during the COVID crisis. The residents and their families have always valued her work ethic and kindness. She went out of her way to keep us informed, whether it was text or FaceTime of our loved ones’ conditions. Her dedication to our residents during this time was very much appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Karen M

Kesslerwood Place

I am sure glad that I got to know the awesome staff and all the aides at Davenport Place for a full year before the lock down. They always had an agreeable attitude, always willing to help, kind and PATIENT!! Now they all are going the extra mile with such grace and care. I am grateful to you all! You individually offer strong points and collectively make a great team! Thank you and God bless all of you!

Kathleen O

Davenport Place

Kathy is a Woman in CHIEF every day. She gives tirelessly of herself to her residents, staff, and the other ED’s in the region. Kathy is always just a phone call away when we have a question that needs answering, and she is the queen of training! Kathy is Enlivant Excellence through and through.

Kathy Jones

Dublin Place

Thank you to all those who made Mom's last week easier for her family. They cared for her with great tenderness and love. They were ready to help us in any way needed. We are so grateful for all of you!

Katie Daniel

Swan Place

Thank You to all of the amazing staff here at Seymour Place! We couldn't do it without you! Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice to ensure the best care and safety of our residents. We are in this together, and this too shall pass! #EnlivantStrong

Katie L

Seymour Place

The RCPs at Urbana Place have been working hard! It’s been challenging, but I think we deserve big praise and recognition.

Katie R

Urbana Place

So very thankful to the employees at Westwood Place who have gone over and above to protect our mother and grandmother! We sure do miss her but appreciate their relentless effort to keep all the residents safe. Thank you all!

Katrinka D

Westwood Place

I love my 6-2 group! They are amazing! We always work as a team to make sure the job is done right!

Kayle T

Hopkins Place

What an awesome staff! You will never know how thankful we are for all you do and how much we appreciate your kindness. You take such good care of my Dad. I miss my biweekly visits and can’t wait until I can come again!

Kelli B

Hitchcock Place

Mary is an exceptional caregiver! She always goes above and beyond her duties to make sure the residents are well taken care of. Thank you! <3

Kellie F

Lynd Place

I want to share a note of thanks to my entire team! They have all stepped in and stepped up to help each other during this pandemic, from trading shifts to helping catch each other up - all with smiles on their faces! Pictured is the team during our regional spirit week - our staff really had a great time with our "Patriotic Day Spirit Day Parade"!

Kelly D

McKinney Place

So happy I get to enjoy going to work everyday and seeing my work family--staff as well as residents. It's been a stressful few months, but we all work together as a team to get through every obstacle. So thankful for all of you.

Kelly H

Cardinal Place

The staff here truly treat our residents like family. They keep our residents happy and healthy each and every day. There are not enough thank you's that could be said for the care and compassion they show, but I will start with this one.

Kelly R

Lindsay Place

Susan is a daily support to the residents and her coworkers. She can constantly be found going above and beyond in her role and is always lending an extra hand. She is never at a loss for finding ways to help someone in big ways and small ways. Her dedication to her community is unmatched!

Kendra C

Logan Place

I am very thankful for our "new" management team. I feel we all work together well, and all of our hearts and thoughts go to the residents' needs first! I feel great coming into work every day now, knowing residents come first!

Kendra H

Pinicon Place

I am sharing this on behalf of all of the managers at Granville Place. Kelly Dickinson, our ED, goes above and beyond each and every day to run our building. We are blessed to have her as our leader. Kelly has put a lot of personal items on hold because her main focus has been the residents at Granville. She has truly set an example to each and every one of us and demonstrates the values of the word "chief." We thank you for being the best. Love ya.

Kerin P

Granville Place

Amy Crosby is our Administrative Assistant and goes above and beyond every day. Amy follows the core values and has fun everyday with the residents but also has so much compassion and her commitment to her job goes heads above. Amy is 1 of those people you wish you could clone and have 50 of them. She is certainly a Granville Great and the residents appreciate all she does.

Kerin Pearson

Granville Place

OUR AMAZING LPN/RCC Tiffany! She goes above and beyond for not only our residents, but also us care staff. She always has a smile on her face and is always supporting us. I've never had a manager who will grab a pair of gloves and go give our residents a shower and do whatever she can to help out. Even when busy with her RCC duties she is always willing to lend a hand and be there for whatever our residents and staff need! WE Appreciate you Tiffany!

Kiah H

River Run Place

I’m very thankful for Nurse Shandayle and her dedication to the nod, residents, and staff. She is dependable and goes above and beyond for all of us when we need her. Thank you Shawndale!!!

Kim Hataway

Marigold Place

Charlene Kugle is our Life Enrichment Coordinator at Chisholm Place. She is amazing with her creativity and fun-filled days each and every day. She loves her job and the residents can't wait to see what's in store for them! She is also a Med Tech and Resident Care Partner so she is a valuable player and makes Chisholm Place a Great Place To Work!

Kim S

Chisholm Place

Renita is our Care Service Manager and balances a full plate of care staff, resident needs, family concerns and staffing logistics every day. She brings knowledge, professionalism and care to her role and supports each one of us here in the community, showing true excellence and making the rest of us look good! Renita exudes Enlivant Excellence!

Kimberly H

Willow Lake Place

Nurse Kimberly has been such a dear, allowing my grandmother and I to regularly FaceTime with each other among other things. She periodically sends me pictures of Granny as well. My granny has come to love her Terrebonne Place family as she feels well cared for and comfortable, which gives us piece of mind. Nurse Kimberly is the kind of person you want to care for your aging relatives. Thank you nurses for being such compassionate people.

Kimberly Hunter

Terrebonne Place

Amanda Reeves is my sister. She cares for each resident like her own family. She takes pride in her job and continues to learn new things daily! She has made great effort to help make changes to help care for her residents.

Kimberly R

Connor Place

My family and I would like to convey the deepest appreciation to the entire staff of Northstar Place. My father John is a resident there and we have been very happy with the patience of the staff. Lisa and Johnnie are in prompt contact with my sister and I regarding his needs. We are very comfortable with daddy being there.

Kimberly W

Northstar Place

I would like to thank Mary, one of my great nurses. Mary is always so concerned and caring for me. On many occasions, she has come to my rescue! I do not know what I would do without Mary or any of the great nurses here at Eagle Pointe Place in Dubuque, Iowa. Thank you!

Kitty Cavanaugh

Eagle Pointe Place

Today I am grateful for all members of my leadership team! My Executive Director Kelly Drey is the model picture of all five of Enlivant's values. She is always on top of her game and still keeps us all on our toes. My Care Services Manager Addy Albright has been with us for six months and it feels like the position was created in her image; she is awesome and leads by example for each of our staff members. My Regional Director of Sales and Marketing Joe Tesmer has stepped up to lead our region and is killing it.

Kris W

McKinney Place

The staff members at Seymour Place are top notch. We are more like a family than a group of coworkers. During difficult times my coworkers have all shown such loving and caring attitudes to our residents as well as their fellow employees. Seymour Place is a great place to work because of them! Happy Nurses week to my fellow nurses Brenda, Katie, Kristy, Robin and Katie W! ❤

Krissy Brewer

Seymour Place

I humbly feel honored to be able to serve our seniors and am truly grateful for a team that goes above and beyond every day! #TeamAwesome “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” -Paulo Coelho

Kristen A

Liberty Place

Terrie Cole goes above and beyond her position everyday, not just during the COVID-19 pandemic. She cares for every resident like they are her own family members. She is one of the best CNAs/women I have ever met.

Kristen P

Big Springs Place

My note of gratitude is for my truly deserving coworker Starla Phelps. Starla is a Resident Care Partner and Med Tech that goes above and beyond every single day. She not only works her shift, but many times she has covered shifts where help is needed. The care and compassion she displays for our resident friends shines daily. She laughs, jokes, and even cries with them as her kind heart is full of grace. She is such a fun lady!

Kristie F

Meredith Place

I am so grateful for Terry, our new Executive Director, and Denise, our new nurse. They have gone above and beyond for our residents and employees. They make certain that our employees are valued and make our residents feel right at home and safe. This place couldn't run well without all members of the team at Louisa Place. Our Life Enrichment Coordinator Melissa works tirelessly to ensure our residents have a fun time with activities every day. This place is amazing!

Kyle P

Sinclair Place

I am grateful for the support of the South Divisional Leadership Team. This team provides us with positive encouragement and real-time answers to our questions and concerns.

Lachelle N

Enlivant Support Center

I would like to express my gratitude to Robin the nurse. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I appreciate all that she has done for my mother and all the other residents. She seems to go out of her way to help my mother with the little things that help her feel that she is cared for and has value. I am very grateful for the love that I see coming from her. She is of great value to Mercer Place. Thank you, Robin!

Lana D

Mercer Place

So thankful for our head nurse Kelly Hupp. She is always going above and beyond to help us. Doesn't matter what is going on she never hesitates to jump in and help. So blessed to work with her.

Latasha L

Cardinal Place

Melanie Hively embodies Integrity and Excellence in everything she does. I admire her work ethic and her desire to learn.

Lauren Salzman

Support Center

Norma Bopp is a wonderful employee. She is one of the nicest ladies I know. She just knows how to handle my mother. She definitely is in the right field of work. She is great person, inside and out.

Laurie D

McCollough Place

I can not express my gratitude enough to the entire staff at Syringa Place. My mother, Joanne MacAlpine was a resident there for 3 years prior to her moving to my house. They are very patient and loving. It was like having an extended family. I entrusted my mother to them and they did everything they could to make her comfortable. The facility also did an outstanding job during Covid keeping all the residents safe! Thank you is not enough!

Laurie Friedt

Syringa Place

I am nominating Jennifer Lockett to be recognized. Fist and foremost, her compassion and commitment to/for our residents and community is truly amazing. She doesn't hesitate to step in if it is her day off and she always comes to work with a smile on her face which in turn makes the residents and staff smile! She is a true gem at Strake Place!

Lea Ann

Strake Place

Carol goes above and beyond. She keeps the community looking cheerful for every holiday she was planting flowers just this week. Way to go Carol!

Leah C

York Place

Executive Director Ryan Phipps and Head Nurse Tiffany Bryant: you bring a whole new and wonderful meaning to "leadership." Thank you for being the example we gladly follow. Your passion and genuine kindness are outstanding!

Leslie Suzanne B

Campbell Place

Strake Place es un gran lugar. Tanto los residentes como el personal que trabaja son personas muy amables, hay un gran respeto de empleados a residentes, hace poco que entre a trabajar a esta compañía, y la verdad estoy muy contenta y agradecida por haber sido seleccionada para trabajar en este lugar. Thank you, Strake Place, l love this place.

Letitia C

Strake Place

Angelique Alarcon, RN Supervisor, always goes the extra mile! She responds promptly to any concerns we have about our Mom and follows through. No matter how busy she is, she makes one feel that you are the only person who matters at that moment. She truly cares about all the elders in Hunters Crossing Place.

Linda B

Hunters Crossing Place

Thank you to all of the staff at Marcy Place for taking such good care of my mother. I have been accustomed to providing a lot of hands-on attention to Mom for a good while. Since I have been unable to go to her apartment since March 17, I have had to rely on others. The staff has been so responsive and so kind during this time. I know how demanding I can be when it comes to my mom, and the staff has graciously put up with me. You are all great!

Linda C

Marcy Place

I am so grateful for the great team at Liberty Place. #TeamAwesome

Linda D

Liberty Place

Thanks to our awesome ED, Linda, for helping with residents' hair. You Rock!

Linda J

Cimarron Place

The respect, love and gentle caring spirit shown by the caregivers and staff at Athens Place is beyond awesome and amazing. I will never be able to express the gratitude for caregivers like Mary, Sherry, Shonda, Teresa, Linda, Rhonda, Patrella, Connie, Evelyn, Sharita, Emily, Corrine, and Brenda. There is no way we could pick just one, it takes a village. Our village is Athens Place. All are so deserving and committed.

Linda M

Athens Place

Gratitude does not adequately define Teresa, Linda and Lauren. Kind, caring, loving, knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate, fun loving are just a few adjectives that describe these hardworking ladies. Without a doubt the finest in Athens Tn and at the top of the list of Enlivant's best. I salute them.

Linda Morrow

Athens Place

A huge thank you to all the staff at Manning Place in Greer, SC! They have all gone above and beyond the call of duty taking care of our loved ones during this unprecedented and difficult time. We could never thank them enough, or tell them how much they are appreciated.

Linda O

Manning Place

The staff at Dover Place is great, they are all so caring. A special shout out to Nancy, Kyla, and Malinda - they are so good at everything. Thanks for taking such good care of my Mom Helen!

Linda P

Dover Place

Thanks to all the employees who have sacrificed their personal time to care for our residents.

Linda W

Athens Place

I’m so grateful every day to work with such a dedicated team! Everyone takes all necessary steps and goes above and beyond for our residents every chance they get! #LakeViewProud

Lindsay W

Lake View Place

I'm thankful for my entire team at the Enlivant Support Center! Doug Bandola and Amy Cannon work tirelessly to fill open positions in the South Division. They put everything they have into the process and work so hard to find the right talent. Allison Bartlett - this girl supports so many people, I don't know how she keeps us all organized, but she does! She pours her heart into every project she's part of. I couldn't be prouder of these 3 rock stars.

Lindsey S

Enlivant Support Center

I genuinely don't know what I would do without Lauren Salzman. She truly embodies every single one of our CORE values. I feel honored to partner with her every day! Thank you Lauren for all you do!

Lindsey Stroop Elias

Support Center

Our entire staff and management team have been truly amazing during this difficult time. I'm so impressed with the compassion they've shown for our residents and staff. Amazing team!

Lisa H

Pomerelle Place

I would like to recognize our Community Relations Manager Marybeth Covella. Marybeth goes above and beyond for our residents. Her caring spirit does not stop after a sale is made. Marybeth welcomes everyone here as family and makes everyone feel welcome. We love her everyday smile and positive personality. She truly has all the Enlivant qualities it takes. We love you Marybeth! Thank you for being YOU!

Lisa M

Pinewood Place

Thank you Rock Run Memory Care Place for making the last three years of my mothers' life fulfilling. The Life Enrichment program was always active and original. The facility was active and always felt like a happy place. Mom enjoyed all the parties and activities.

Lisa R

Rogue River Place

Vonda is always going the extra mile to entertain the residents of Seymour Place! Everyone loves her wonderful attitude and warm smile!

Lisa S

Seymour Place

"Smiley" Morgan is always smiling! She substitutes for other workers when they have an emergency. Smiley has a goal of wanting to be a traveling nurse someday. I'm praying she can reach that goal.

Loma W

Marcy Place

I am super grateful to have such an amazing boss! Teresa Selby goes above and beyond daily to make sure our community is running smoothly. Thank you so much for caring and for being so helpful.

Lori B

Suncrest Place

Sarita White shows her INTEGRITY in every job she does, always putting her residents well being first! Sarita displays HUMILITY by agreeing to do anything that is asked of her: Med-Aide, CRP, Chef, or Housekeeping, she's wore every hat. If I had to pick one, it would be EXCELLENCE Sarita White has dedicated almost 15 years to serving the residents & their families at Carter Place & she continues to do an excellent job!

Lori Davidson

Carter Place

I am so grateful for the team I work with and for our residents. It is like a family reunion every day. I love my job. My title may be Administrative Specialist, but it feels more like sister/daughter/granddaughter. It is an absolute joy to go to work. I mean it when I say that God brought me here not just to be a blessing, but to be blessed in some way every single day.

Lori F

Wren Place

This team has worked extremely hard to ensure the safety and well-being of all our wonderful residents. This is the most dynamic team I have worked with in my 20 years in healthcare. I could not be more proud of every single one of them. Team Kesslerwood you are amazing!

Lorna C

Kesslerwood Place

Med Tech Pamela Steele is a great team member. She cares deeply about all the residents and always offers help to her coworkers who are overwhelmed by their own responsibilities in these times. She always makes sure the residents have what they need everyday and she really goes above and beyond!

Louise B

Aurora Place

We are so very grateful to Kyla Gleockler. She has made Dover Place a very special place for our mom, Claudia. Kyla’s loving touch and dedication have filled mom’s days with music, fun and fellowship and we are eternally grateful for Kyla and her staff.

Lucilla E

Dover Place

I want to recognize and thank nurse Melinda for her patience, dedication, responsiveness, and professionalism. Last August she saved my mom’s leg and her life. This spring she is on the front lines protecting my mom from the pandemic. Words cannot express the love and gratitude we feel. She is a true blessing in our lives.

Lucinda E

Dover Place

I would like to shout out to Heidi, Luanne, Claudia, and Joe, who have really helped me feel like a part of the Manning Place family! As I'm the newest member of the team, they have been very supportive as I wrap my arms around both the residents and my position as the CSM. You guys are the best!

Lydia V

Manning Place

I am so thankful and grateful for the staff at Savannah Place. My mother is a resident there, and it has now been over three months since I’ve been able to be with her because of COVID-19. The staff has been so loving and caring, not just to Mom and all the residents but to their family members as well. This is a very hard and difficult time for all. I want to say thank you, staff, for all you are doing. Cari, Susan, Chelsea, Sarah, Regan--God bless.

Lynda G

Savannah Place

We thank Beverly, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Wyncote Place, among the many wonderful staff there. Beverly is tireless, empathetic, compassionate and her care for every resident shows in her smile and is felt in her touch. She makes it her priority that residents do not feel alone, especially during the pandemic. My family and I know that Beverly will make sure our Father isn't lonely. We thank her for being wonderful and keeping residents engaged.

Lynn H

Wyncote Place

I can't say enough about Oakley Place! The care and concern they have taken with my Mom as she transitioned from her home to assisted living has been amazing. I live 3 hours away and knowing she is in great hands is a true blessing. Keeping Mom calm during the Covid outbreak had to be hard, but she is well and safe and I'm really impressed with the skill of this team! Thanks Oakley Place! Keep up the good work!

Lynn R

Oakley Place

I want to thank my supervisor David Thurlow for his unrelenting leadership through this time of Covid in our communities. He has been consistently supportive, kind, as well as available for the teams and has made a huge difference.

Maggi B


Lorrie decided to become a nurse because she enjoys helping other people. Something that she always wanted since high school. She graduated from Columbiana County Vocational School, OH in 1999. Her career started as a nursing aide at brain trauma unit for six years. Moved to Enlivant-Garden Way in 2014, and have been working for seven years already as lead afternoon Med-Tech. Nursing job is a very rewarding and had two daughters are nurses too.

Malu Pesarit Hainley

Support Center

I have always been amazed by Reita and how she connects with Memory Care residents and tries hard to keep them happy and feeling loved. Johnnie, since the first visit when looking for my job, her smile, her patience and willingness to help with questions and situations has touched my heart. Cecelia, very quiet but a strong worker always willing to help out - she is very neat in her work area. She doesn't complain but just works!

Margaret M

Northstar Place

My sister, Holly Siegel, is the Community Relations Manager at Clay Gardens Place. She has always had a high level of devotion to her career but it Is even greater at Clay Gardens. She shares how fond she is of the residents and the staff. Holly freely gives her time and her heart to this entire community of dear, dear people. We, her family, are blessed to hear all of the wonderful things that happen where she works. It makes us happy.

Margie D

Clay Gardens Place

I am happy to express my gratitude for Millie, the Entertainment Director/Beautifier/Caretaker/Laugh instructor over at Bayberry Place. The thought of not being able to be with my mom and dad (physically) was just horrible. But knowing that you are with them, making them laugh, helping my mom dress, and keeping us updated by sending video and pics, has just made a world of difference for all of us. Thank you so much. God Richly Bless You!

Marie H

Bayberry Place

All the staff managers and members at Mansfield Place on every shift, in every department, deserve to be recognized! Not only for facing this pandemic head-on, but for doing an awesome job every single day, past and present! Now more than ever, our frontline workers continue to take the best care possible of our parents and grandparents. Mark and I sing their praises sharing our appreciation and gratitude for our Mansfield Place Family heroes!

Mark and Christine M

Mansfield Place

Stacey Teri, RDCS for Oregon-Washington, is the most compassionate and empathetic clinician I've ever worked with. She's always thinking about and suggesting how to improve the lives of others.

Mark Cunningham

Support Center

A huge shoutout to the terrific Terrebonne Place employees for their due diligence in keeping our residents healthy, happy, and feeling loved. I am very proud of the people I work with. Keep up the great wok!

Mark N

Terrebonne Place

Liezl Tolentino, SVP, HR embodies all of Enlivant's core values! She is an amazing and supportive leader who drives us all to be our best. Additionally, Liezl knows how to bring the Fun to any team meeting. Thank you for all that you do!

Marlee Pahos

Support Center

Thanks to Ryan and his wonderful crew. Mom turned 100 in the midst of the pandemic. The party we had planned had to be canceled, but they made sure she was celebrated on her special day. They’ve also outdone themselves making sure the residents are busy and entertained during the pandemic.

Marsha M

Campbell Place

At Woodbourne Place, we are so grateful for our volunteer Gary Wertz. Gary is our Grand Marshal of the parades. The Memorial Day and Flag Day parades were very exciting with motorcycles, families, and American L Post 317 decorating their cars and bikes, all waving flags and sending best wishes to our very happy residents and surrounding residents from a near by community. Then Gary sent us a delicious treat to enjoy after the parade. We are blessed.

Mary B

Woodbourne Place

Thank you so much for all the love and care you give to my mother eases my mind to know she is in such wonderful hands. Very grateful.

Mary Murray

Pinicon Place

That you for all you and have done for my Mother. Really appreciate all of you.

Mary Rose Collins

Highland Place

I am grateful to the Community Leaders in Northern Indiana! You have done an amazing job implementing protocols to keep our residents and staff safe. You kept up great communication with the families of our residents. You and your teams continue to find ways to enrich the lives of our residents each and every day. Thank you!

Max V

Enlivant Support Center

My very heart-felt thanks goes to Arlene Parsons. My mom has lived at Bowman Place since October of 2015. She has a true heart for the residents. As far as I am concerned, she goes above and beyond to care for all there. I have spoken personally with Arlene many times about my mom's needs and wants. She is an angel sent by God.

Maynard H

Bowman Place

I'm grateful for so much these days. The first two things that come to mind right away are, what a great blessing it is for our precious residents at Settlers Place to be safe (my mother included) from the virus and for our staff members that do their part to keep them happy and well. Secondly, I'm grateful for my Executive Director, Haris Mirza. He has been an encouragement to me to stay the course, to bring more seniors home.

Megan A

Settlers Place

I am so grateful for our incredible staff members! They arrive ready to work every day with smiles on their faces. They embody all of our core values, and even more, they are friends, and they appreciate each other. Teamwork makes the dream work at Davenport Place! Thank you!

Melanie B

Davenport Place

Liezl Tolentino, Lauren Salzman and Lindsey Stroop-Elias all represent the Enlivant core values every day! They are all so empowering and provide so much support to the Talent team. I am grateful to work along side them each day here. Thank you for all your help and support!

Melanie Hively

Support Center

Dawn Taylor is a very loving and caring director. I appreciate her patience and kindness with the residents. During the years my parent has been living at Wren Place, there has not been a more dedicated director. My Dad has difficulty hearing. If he isn’t understanding, Dawn takes the time to write the message so he can read it. It’s the extra things that mean so much.

Melanie W

Wren Place

Thank you all for taking care of our loved ones ❤

Melissa DuMouchel

Helena Place

Mary Hyde is one of the best RCPs I've ever had the privilege of working with. She genuinely wants to make sure that the residents are taken care of. Every day she works, she makes sure that all the men are shaved and that all the ladies' hair is properly brushed or combed. She just makes sure that they all look their very best. She even brings bathing supplies from home if the residents don't have what they need. She is the best at what she does.

Melissa F

Athens Place

Aeiriel Nunley is amazing in so many ways. She has everything that our company stands for: compassion, humility, integrity, excellence, and fun. Aeiriel has a big heart and helps in anyway she can. She gives us positivity and hope in this trying time.

Melissa L

Canfield Place

I am grateful to Guido Schuldberg, not only for his dining support to our division, but also for his daily encouragement. It makes such a difference for me!

Melissa O

Urbana Place

Virginia Troxell- Resident @ Southridge Place- She is so much fun. Her smile is contagious! She makes the other residents and staff smile. She is full of compassion! She always has a nice compliment for everyone she comes across.

Michele Robison

Southridge Place

Our family is so grateful for the care the staff at Davenport Place, under Tammy's direction, has given to our mom. They have had to deal not only with Covid, but also with evacuating because of wildfire danger. The physical and emotional care you give our family members is priceless. Your respectful and caring attitude toward your residents has made these crazy times much easier. Thank you for your caring and hard work!

Michelle B

Davenport Place

Our sales and marketing director Sheila Stanley deserves my gratitude. Truly cares for our residents. Steps up to help wherever help is needed and never hesitates to see an employee working and give them compliments on a job well done. Sheila makes every job title an important title, and when you are told time after time how much you are appreciated, that makes for a better work place. Sheila Stanley is awesome!

Michelle T

Abilene Place

I want to thank Michelle White for being Michelle. She is a very bright, happy, dependable, enlightening, encouraging individual who has NOT shied from "Keeping Chisholm Beautiful" with our admissions, encouraging our residents and staff throughout the pandemic. She makes us laugh and she laughs at my crazy sense of humor! I know Kim and I have appreciated her input and her ability and willingness to belong to "The Get-Along Gang".

Michelle W

Chisholm Place

Bryan Hendrix, Maintenance Manager at Lanier Place, goes above and beyond what is expected so many times that I have lost track. As the Executive Director I receive compliments about Bryan on a regular basis. I appreciate Bryan's responsiveness and attention to detail. The residents appreciate his joyful attitude. In addition to his friendly personality, he is a "get things done" Maintenance Manager.

Mike B

Lanier Place

I would like to recognize Sandy Nichols. She has been looking after my 90 year old mother for a few years and is doing a marvelous job. She is very professional but also friendly. She does a lot of things for the residents that, I am sure, is not in her job description.

Mike Cunio

Bennett Place

Shellie Russell, I just want to say THANK YOU for your leadership. Thank you for always leading by example, for your dedication and passion for excellence in all that you do. Thank you for supporting your team, your new Executive Director, our Mission Vision Values, and having a servant's attitude and doing what ever it takes to bring the team together to better serve the community. You are such a refreshing example of our MVV. Thank you!

Mikeal P

Ridgeview Place

Yolanda, our Concierge, is a truly a rare gem! She always greets our residents, their families, employees and third party providers with a sweet smile and a "how can I help you" attitude. There is nothing she wont tackle or at least attempt. We are very blessed to have her and she makes our Addison Place a better community!

Miranda S

Addison Place

Nan goes above and beyond for our residents and is always willing to step up to the plate when needed. She is always there for each and everyone, whether it be a resident or an employee. She is a great person for Lake City Place.

Misty J

Lake City Place

As we celebrate Nurses week, I want to recognize our outstanding CSM, Janelle Tionquiao. Her foremost concern is always about what is best for our residents. Janelle came with extensive memory care experience that serves her well in her role here. It's hard to put into words how dedicated and caring this young lady is. And she always leads by example! We are blessed to have her leading our nursing team!

Monica Gliva

Liberty Place

I really appreciate Rita, she goes above and beyond to communicate with me about my father’s needs weekly. I know she enjoys her job and always has a smile to share every day!

Monica S

Northstar Place

I want to thank all of our caregivers for going the extra miles to cover shifts, work as a team, be adaptable to changes, and remaining positive during this pandemic. Most importantly, making sure our residents' needs are all met. I want to thank our management/leadership team for stepping up and helping out with meals, emergency calls, resident concerns, etc. All of us make a difference at OGP!! We ROCK, OGP!

My Nou G

Oak Gardens Place

During these difficult COVID months, we are so grateful for the entire staff at Hamilton Place who serve as surrogate family to all their residents. Families can rest assured their loved ones are safe and well cared for during this isolation. A big thank you to all employees!

Nancy B

Hamilton Place

Our mother, Nancy Schuele , a resident at Mc Kinley Place in Cedarburg, has been a constant source of love and support to her 5 children for for the past 65 years! She has been a role model of for all of us and has given us the strong values, on which we have based our lives. Mom is the most loving ,caring mother in the world! and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives !

Nancy Schuele

McKinley Place

Tessa Stahly RN is the most giving and compassionate nurse I know. She sacrifices time with her family, sleep and sometimes her sanity to make Miller Place the greatest place to live! We Love You Tessa!

Nancy Topp

Miller Place

There is not a single employee at Hickory Place that is not awesome! I appreciate the care my Mom is getting. This is not the plan we had, but it is wonderful to have a place like this when life’s plans are changed! Thank you Hickory Heroes.

Nancy W

Hickory Place

Pamela Gibson, always smiling, always humble, always positive. She truly loves what she does and it shows in her efforts. She goes above and beyond for our residents and families. We appreciate you, Pam!

Nick H

Tipton Place

I am sharing my gratitude for our wonderful Executive Director Marnie Seay. Throughout this time of uncertainty we are all so grateful for her willingness to help wherever needed in our community. Her compassion and support for not only our staff and residents but the families of our community has been extremely comforting for those around us while we navigate through this new time. We love and appreciate you Boss Momma!

Nicole R

Windriver Place

Our Care Services Manager Lana is a godsend. I don’t know where our community would be without her. She is always willing to help out on the floor and cover shifts when employees are needing that “little break.” Not to mention I feel she always has the best for the residents in mind. She’s a joy and fun to be around. I’m grateful to have her as my supervisor.

Nicole W

Kent Place

Mom (Helen Fleischman) loved living at Carter Place! We appreciated all the nursing and aide staff at Carter Place. Thank you for all that you all did for Mom! This is a picture I took when we were at Carter Place having to stay 6 feet apart and that was so hard to do.

Norma Jones

Carter Place

Thanks to all of the staff for taking such good care of Mom!

Pam P

Miller Farm Place

Jerry Idlewine has always treated my mom with respect and as if she was his family. He has her best interest in mind.

Pamela C

Kokomo Place

My Mom Alice Hamlin was the first women to exemplify enlivant core values I learn from her by example the importance of showing compassion and having integrity and treating people the way I would like to be treated my mom died at 42 but I promised her I will always follow the example she set my mom is still my example and I am having fun following it.

Patricia Hamlin

DeWolfe Place

My mom was a resident at Canfield Place for 14 weeks. She lived at home until Feb. 7, 2020. She was treated quite well and respected for the great person she was. My mom was 94 years old. The staff were wonderful to her and made her final weeks so much more enjoyable.

Patti G

Canfield Place

I can't begin to thank all employees enough for their love and care for everyone. Always patient and kind. It's been stressful for us as a family, but knowing the care that is given has been great because we know that our loved ones are getting the best care.

Patti M

Oakley Place

Joy, Donna, and Cabriney, thank you for everything! You have managed to keep the residents' spirits up and healthy in this very difficult time. You are all amazing!

Patti R

Wyncote Place

We both appreciate the care, attention and patience that the entire staff show to Mom. Everyone goes above and beyond to care for her. Amazed at the little touches that staff does to keep her content. Words can not express our gratitude.

Paul and Debbie Stevens

Pinicon Place

I am thankful for the leaders and staff at Forest Hills! They have been steadfast in their commitment to our residents.

Paul C

Forest Hills Place

Chef Nate and Dietary Aide Bryan delivered lunch to our residents' rooms, fiesta style!

Paula E

Wayman Place

I am so very grateful for our hardworking staff who also know how to have fun and enrich the lives of our residents (and each other). It truly takes a village to care for our elderly, and I am proud of the team I've assembled and the passion with which they care for our residents.

Peggy F

Kokomo Place

I want to say thank you to our ED Sadi Buzdum. I have worked directly under her now for 2 1/2 years, and at 48 years old and after having several bosses throughout my 32 years of work history, I can honestly say that she is the greatest boss ever! She is everything you could want in a leader and mentor, and I feel blessed every single day that she chose me as her Administrative Coordinator and friend. Thank you, Sadi!

Phyllis L

Brook Gardens Place

Taylor Jacobes, welcome to the team! We are happy you are on board!

Rachel G

North Texas Region

I cannot thank the staff at Rock Run Place enough for how well and how conscientiously you take take care of my Dad, Vijoy Varma! I have always spoken highly of you, but the level of care and professionalism you have shown over the past 3 months have left me awestruck. You guys are the BEST; no, SUPER BEST (grin)!!! Thank you so much, you will always have a special place in our family and in our hearts. Love and prayers.

Raveesh V

Rock Run Place

I have some pretty awesome coworkers. Some of them go above and beyond what we are required to do. Always there to help or just talk.

Rebecca R

Barnes Place

Our Housekeeper Jess has been a ray of sunshine during these hard times for our residents! Between room cleans she is doing our ladies' hair, manicures, walking residents in the house or sitting with them on the porch, helps at every meal, delivers snacks to rooms with our Life Enrichment Coordinator, and always with a smile on her face and never a single complaint. She is the picture of Enlivant's core values! WE LOVE YOU JESS!

Rebecca W

Miller Farm Place

Tommi Daughtery is one of the hardest-working employees here. Not only does she get the job done; she loves the residents with everything. She goes above and beyond to do whatever is best for the residents. I love her just as much as the residents do.

Rebekah W

Hopkins Place

I would like to give a huge shout out to the best, most selfless, most committed care staff around! They come to work every day and love our seniors in spite of hard times. When I count my blessings, I count twice for the amazing team at Bradfield Place! Thanks so much!

Rhonda N

Bradfield Place

The entire nursing staff at Hamilton Place is wonderful! My grandmother lived there for 3 years and there was always a race by the staff to get her a cup of tea at mealtimes (she usually ended up with 2 or more!). As she recently passed away there, the staff took the time to make sure she was always comfortable and that we were okay as we went through this difficult time. We will be forever grateful for the love and care they daily show.

Rich Halquist

Hamilton Place

Kelly Erb, Administrative Assistant, and Leisha Hickenbottom both are shining stars every day at Cardinal Place. They embellish the Mission, Vision and Values with excellence at their job while enriching resident lives. They make each day fun for our residents keeping them engaged in activities and always a warm and welcoming smile. It starts with the heart and both of these employees show their care and compassion every day. Thanks.

Rich S

Cardinal Place

The Jewel Place Nurses and CNAs are the best I have ever worked with! The heart and dedication they show to our residents is truly a joy to experience. :)

Rick P

Jewel Place

I would like to show my gratitude to my entire staff for being so diligent in keeping our residents safe through such a difficult time. Thank you for caring for the residents and never letting your guards down throughout it all!! I love my team, and I'm proud to call myself your ED! :)

Rishell M

Southridge Place

I am so grateful for Syndell Lawhon. She is very instrumental in the success of the South Division. Even on the days that I know she is exhausted, she is kind, compassionate, and helps each of us with our needs no matter how big or small. She also is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't mind sharing this with each of us. There are many days that her encouragement is the fuel that gets me through. Thank you, Syndell, for everything YOU do!

Robin B

Enlivant Support Center

I am so thankful for Marquis Gardens Place - our team shows dedication to our residents through caregiving and compassion. I am so proud to be part of this team of wonderful people that shower our residents with outstanding care and compassion. Each and every day I see the "going above and beyond" to make each day special for our residents. Thank you team Marquis Place.

Robin N

Marquis Gardens Place

Awesome employee Rita is always smiling planning big parties.

Robyn G

Wren Place

Shout out to our Housekeeper Cynthia Hamilton, aka "Mama C", the most selfless person I've ever known. She always steps up to the plate, either helping out on the floor or changing a light bulb when maintenance is unavailable. She goes above and beyond her duty to make sure that our residents are happy and taken care of. She makes sure the community is in order when she comes in the morning and before she leaves for the day.

Roketi M

Greenwood Place

First of all, I'm a retired hospital admin and still active in home health. I know the reality of what you have been through. I can't say enough about the care, protocols, treatment, and follow-through that my mom received at Oakley Place during this time. She had only been there a month when this happened. Talk about a shock! But they have kept her safe and sane. All we have asked about has been happily done at Oakley Place, and my hat is off to them! Thank you!

Ruth R

Oakley Place

Jenny Ashcraft is my Divisional Care Specialists and even though she doesn't work in a specific community she still shows her dedication as a nurse to our Seniors. Just giving me support through the last year and knowing that she loves are seniors each and everyday. When she travels to different communities you see her love for our residents. This proves to me she is a Awesome Nurse.

Sabrena Fields

Support Center

So grateful for all employees and their help for all the residents! Great group of people!

Sandi D

Lynd Place

The efforts of people working at this facility are commendable. They have gone to great lengths to make sure that my mom and dad were kept safe from the current pandemic. Staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that all those in this facility have been kept safe at all times. I want to especially say thanks to Tammy O'Rourke, Melanie Bjerke, and Deanna Carnine for their help.

Sandi M

Davenport Place

This note is specifically to Dr. Evans who has been a solid rock throughout our Covid journey. So genuine in his concern for residents and employees. He has provided the clinical team with education and guidance that is priceless and we will take that knowledge with us long past COVID. Dr. Evans, I wish that I could have met you sooner so that I could have worked with you longer. We are truly blessed to have you. You are one of a kind!

Sandra Goodin

Support Center

I am grateful for the compassionate concern that our Executive Director shows to all the residents and staff everyday. She is a leader that is always thinking about others before herself. In our senior living community she truly goes above and beyond the call of duty every day. It's such a blessing to work with her.

Sarah A

Worthington Place

CHIEF - My trifecta team members, Deanna Tiger CRM & Sarah Briggs CSM represent excellence in every compacity. They work so hard to take care of our residents and I could not ask for a betted team!

Sarah Bagby

Blue Ridge Place

Mackenzie Robinson is the definition of the Enlivant company! She displays all the qualities of our Mission, Vision and Values. She strives to be the best in everything she does daily. Mackenzie serves the seniors we have with a helpful heart and diligently seeks to serve new ones. Winkler Place is so blessed to have such a caring and loving spirit serve our community! Thank you Mackenzie for all you do!

Sarah D

Winkler Place

The entire team at DeWolfe does a great job. They go out of their way to make people's lives meaningful and to provide an amazing resource to our community. Great leadership and staff!

Shannon K

DeWolfe Place

Our nurse Jennifer Ewing is such an amazing person. She is kind, caring and absolutely dedicated to our residents. She brings a light to this building. Jennifer is compassionate, humble and most of all hardworking. She brings excellence and integrity to everything that she does. Employees and residents alike feel truly blessed for Jennifer to be a part of our lives. If there is anyone who represents CHIEF, its her!

Shannon Powell

Kokomo Place

Amanda Reeves! She goes above and beyond for our residents and community! She is an amazing, hard-working woman who loves her job and her residents!

Shannon S

Connor Place

Our Resident Care Partner Angie always has an awesome attitude. She is always willing to go out of her way to help any resident, staff member, or family members. She has kept an upbeat attitude during these times of high stress and worry. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face. I very much appreciate all she does to keep our residents smiling.

Sharlese V

Blossom Place

A big 'thank you' to all of the staff at Campbell Place in Bellefontaine, OH. During this difficult time for all of us, they have done their best to keep the residents occupied and well cared for. We, as family members, are kept informed and connected as much as possible. I am thankful for the care my mother receives there.

Sharon B

Campbell Place

I am grateful here at Bliss Place for everyone keeping us safe. It has been a trying time but Missy, Katrina, Deb, and all the workers here are always there if we need someone to share how we feel and to encourage us.

Sharon H

Enlivant Community

Its hard to just pick one! We are so luck at Franklin Place to have a team full of amazing women that represent all of our core values! Together we can do it!

Sharon Lucas

Franklin Place

Marcia H. is an excellent Resident Care Partner. She is always willing to pitch in when needed, always showing compassion to our residents here at Wayman Place.

Sharon M

Wayman Place

I'm so thankful for the care my mom receives. I'm glad they recognize the special person she is

Sharon Taplin

Abilene Place

Sharon is working hard every day to provide activities for the residents. She is spending some amazing one-on-one time with them and finding new ways to keep their spirits up. They are really enjoying the snack cart that comes around daily with a treat and fresh hydration options. They really enjoy the time she spends with them. :) We love you Sharon!

Sharon Z

Cottonwood Place

I want to thank my very hard-working E.D. Beverly Skaggs and Care Service Manager Sandy Martinez for their hard work. They have been going out of their way to make sure that the residents and their families are very comfortable during this time. And I cannot forget about the staff; the way they step in and help on the floor has been phenomenal. Please help me say thank you to two of Enlivant's best.

Sharron M

Wayman Place

I want to acknowledge Peggy Frye for all she's done to keep things going through this crazy time. She's helped in every service, activities, housekeeping duties, etc. She's even helped with fixing residents' hair. She's been in early, leaving late and has always been the "mama bear" guarding our residents from anyone or anything that could cause this virus to get in.

Sheila H

Kokomo Place

I'm grateful to work in a caring community with the best team anyone could ask for.

Shemane B

Highland Place

My mom is a resident of Cascade Place and very happy there. The staff has been great to work with. I cannot be more grateful to everyone but specifically Brandon, Esther, Cassidy and kitchen staff. They have a big job and have been professional and kind as we journey through these times. They have successfully protected the residents from the virus and kept communication going with the families. Cascade Place has been the best choice for my mom.

Shere M

Cascade Place

Medication Aid Theresa Soto goes above and beyond to bring a smile to the faces of our residents. She is seen here dressed up for Dress Like Your Grandparent Day.

Sherri U

Blossom Place

Absolutely every employee here goes above and beyond what they have to do. The best place for my mom.

Sherry H

Russ Place

I want to personally thank my entire team. You make the residents feel loved and safe during these crazy times. You make my job easy and I am proud to be your cheerleader and help you be successful. "We are one, we are Reed!"

Sherry M

Reed Place

Thanks for taking such good care of my mom. I appreciate your kindness when I call to check on her or any little details. You are all kind and helpful.

Shirley N

Pinewood Place

During this pandemic our faithful and fearless leader Beverly Skaggs has guided our team with inspiration and encouragement. Her constant support and belief in us has kept all of us strong during this challenging time. Bev, has taught us tough times don't last...tough teams DO! Through all of this Bev has shown us that you don't inspire your team by showing them how amazing you are, but inspire them by showing them how amazing they are!

Shirley W

Wayman Place

I am extremely thankful for Kayonna Newton, our first shift lead mrs-tech. Her constant love, care, and dedication to the residents is admirable on all levels! I am beyond thankful for all her help in my Life Enrichment Department because sometimes two minds are better than one when dealing with the current situation. She is truly an remarkable employee who never ceases to amaze Cypress Place.

Sierra H

Cypress Place

My family wishes to express our gratitude to Tonya. Our mom is dealing with the loss of our dad of 66 years and early geriatric dementia. The lock down of care facilities caused by the COVID pandemic has exacerbated her feelings of loss and abandonment. Tonya’s care and compassion of and for our mother, Beverly, and her cat, Scooter, during these times has been very reassuring.

Skip E

Helena Place

Lori Fish, our Life Enrichment Coordinator, is full of love and joy and goes above and beyond to make the lives of her residents fun and happy...who could ask for more?

Sonya R

Wren Place

I am grateful for our nurses Ilona, Agnes, and Dora because they work very hard on their shift to make sure everything is running effectively and efficiently. They're really welcoming and make work something to look forward to! I'm also grateful for the RCP/CNAs Letty, Shannon, Bahji, McKenna, Michelle, and others! :)

Sophia T

Rock Run Place

We are thankful for the continued support and relationship with Pathfinder - Fremont NE. We value your commitment to seniors and the community. - Home Instead Fremont NE

Sophie K

Pathfinder Place

Xioafei Zhou(Heather) Senior developer at Enlivant, True example of Integrity and Excellence. I always enjoy every project that I work with her. Her knowledge and expertise are really apparent Thank you Heather for your invaluable contribution !!

Sravani Gattupalli

Support Center

Lana Davis is our Oregon-Washington Woman in CHIEF! She is a servant leader who is always willing to lend a hand to our communities in need. Her clinical expertise & calm, collected confidence instill comfort & trust with our residents, families, & staff alike. She is a strong advocate for aging in place and does all that she can to maintain a comfortable living situation for her residents that includes comprehensive services to meet their needs.

Stacey Teri

Support Center

Thank you to my fellow nurses for coming to work and taking care of our residents!

Stacy Heasley

Miller Farm Place

Many thanks to the nurses that help us folks, that need help and make it feel like home.

Stan Wilson

Redbud Place

Joseph Formisano! He is our part-time Administration Assistant (front desk). He is disabled and just pushes through and does an amazing job. He doesn’t let his handicap get in the way of anything and it’s so inspiring. He’s so friendly, the residents and staff all love having him around. If anyone deserves to be recognized it’s Joe.

Stefanie S

Willowbrook Place

Jacque Schultz RN & Stacey Kornish LPNare beyond deserving of recognition and gratitude for everything they have done, and continue to do for the residents , family , and staff every single day. I am BLESSED to be working with the two most strong , intelligent & patient women this world has to offer up. I will forever be greatful for everything they’ve taught , as I start my own nursing career !

Stefanie Scholtz

Willowbrook Place

I want to shout out the regional team of Southern Ohio. They have supported me with so many challenges through this time and have shown grace when I have made the wrong choice, compassion when I was at my max and strength to get my team through our every changing phases. I am confident that no matter what happens the regional team and my family team at Miller Farm Place are the true reason for my success! #MFPStrong

Stephanie M

Miller Farm Place

Richie Stout, LPN here at Seasons is the epitome of the core values of Enlivant. Hard working, compassionate, enthusiastic and loved by all residents & staff. Daily exemplifying integrity & excellence in all that she does, always going above and beyond, Richie tirelessly serves our residents in love and grace. Richie was also recently recognized by one of our local physicians offices for all of her amazing qualities as a worker of Seasons Place.

Stephanie McCutcheon

Seasons Place

To all the staff caring and helping my mom when we can’t get in there to help her ourselves: the added work you are doing is really appreciated. Special thanks to Lena for the Zoom calls; they are great. ❤️❤️❤️

Stephen C

Jewel Place

I am so thankful for the staff, residents, and resident families that make Leighton Place so special. With an abundance of love, compassion, respect and patience we stand together to overcome our daily challenges. Thank you everyone for the little things you do everyday to bring joy to the lives of all who call Leighton Place home.

Steven R

Leighton Place

Dan Brown, Community Relations Manager at Highlands Place, has worked so very hard to save seniors in our area and surrounding areas. To ensure a senior and a veteran was safe, Dan Brown secured funding for a gentleman to move in for May, and secured him a place to stay while he was getting funding. Dan took him meals in the interim and answered every need this gentleman had. He is now residing in our community today. Thanks Dan!

Sue P

Highlands Place

A special thank you to Kerin Pearson who has helped keep my moms' spirits high through theses difficult times. The Granville staff helps mom feel like she has family with her until we can be with her again.

Sue R

Granville Place

My family and I are so grateful for the care the staff at Highland Place provides for our Mom. They always go above and beyond to ensure her well being, happiness, and safety. We haven't been able to visit due to the COVID restrictions but are confident she is being well cared-for and appreciate it. Thank you for all you do!

Sue W

Highland Place

Thank you to each of our employees. All have acted with highest regard to the COVID-19 situation. We stay on top of every piece of information provided for us to protect our residents and ourselves. Precaution is in our everyday response to life. We do everything to protect, entertain, and continually pray for all the world's safety. I nominate the entire Keowee staff for being humble, faithful, and full of dignity during this heartbreaking time.

Sundie S

Keowee Place

I am so grateful for the staff at Willow Lake Place. They have been through a battle the last several months with COVID-19, changes in administrators, and keeping a building safe and secure. They have been AMAZING! Bless you all!

Susan A

Willow Lake Place

Jennifer is so thoughtful and conscientious in her care of all residents. We are blessed to have her caring for our loved ones.

Susan Copeland

Hopkins Place

Melissa goes above and beyond in many ways for my mom, giving her a haircut, trimming her nails, putting away laundry, and being a cheerful face whenever you see her!

Susan Kai

Oak Gardens Place

Thanks to Denisha, Kennith and the other CNAs who risk their own health to take care of our Dad.

Suzanne C

Kesslerwood Place

Thank you to Vivian and Melissa for your outstanding skill and expertise. My Dad really appreciates you!

Suzanne P

Kesslerwood Place

I am so very thankful for the South Division clinical team of RDCS's! They work so very hard to ensure our teams have what they need to care for our residents. South Division nurses are the BEST!

Syndell L

Enlivant Support Center

I am so grateful for the wonderful, compassionate colleagues I work with every day! What a great team that makes this a great place to work!

Talbot F

Deane Hill Place

Our Life Enrichment Coordinator, Dustie, never fails to go above and beyond for our residents and our staff. She not only keeps activities rolling and smiles coming, but she assists as needed to keep the facility moving. We appreciate all of her daily efforts, and I know our residents do as well.

Tami W

River Run Place

Love the whole staff! They go above and beyond to keep our mother safe, healthy and happy. I am so glad that we found Pathfinder Place. During these trying times when we are not allowed to visit, they keep the residents' spirits up. Thank you to the staff your are God's blessing.

Tammi W

Pathfinder Place

My gratitude is for our night shift Nurse Kristy Ramsey. Kristy goes above and beyond everyday for our residents! She has so much compassion and cares so much about our residents. She is an awesome nurse and all-around person! So glad I get to work with her, I have learned so much from her!

Tammie S

Seymour Place

Thank you to all my compassionate staff to have continually adapted to many changes, kept smiling, and enriched our residents' lives. #DavenportStrong #EnlivantProud

Tammy O

Davenport Place

Courtney Miller is exceptional at what she does. She loves her residents and puts her heart into lifting up her team and making them better and better. Courtney is positive, she is honest, and truly puts herself into the shoes of others feeling their joy as well as their disappointments with them but also going out of her way to remind others that THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY! She is a gift to so many and the light she shares is contagious.

Tammy Thorpe

DeWolfe Place

I want to express my gratitude to all the employees and residents' families as we have endured through this trying time! You are all the best and do what’s best for our wonderful residents at Chandler Place!

Tara F

Chandler Place

Brooke Marvel is always so kind and friendly. She spends a lot of time away from her three children during this quarantine to make sure everything runs smoothly at Amity Place. You can tell she cares deeply for the residents.

Tara L

Amity Place

I am so lucky to work with such an amazing person. Jen Cannoot not only runs an amazing kitchen, she is always going above and beyond to help every other department. We can always count on her to jump in with both feet! She lives to make the residents smile, and loves a good costume. She is an absolute asset to our community.

Tara S

Grand Emerald Place

I work for Terrebonne Place. During this difficult time Shirley Hester, our Activities Director, has been doing everything possible to keep our residents positive and in a happy spirit. Most people would be devastated in a horrible time like this but thanks to Shirley’s hallway Bingo, Mother’s Day window lunch, and hallway rosary makes all of our jobs a lot easier because our residents are happy and positive.

Taysia F

Terrebonne Place

During this pandemic it has been difficult to be only two miles from Miss Esther and not be able to sit on the porch with her. However, I know that she is safe and loved by a staff who has become an extended family for me. I miss you so much, pray for your safety, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s hoping we will be able to have a family picnic before the snow flies this coming winter. STAY SAFE!

Teresa C

Westwood PLace

Thank you and major kudos to Katrina, Missy, Deb, Sana, Darby, George, and ALL of the wonderful people at Bliss Place for going above and beyond to help make our Mom’s transition a much smoother one! I just can’t thank them enough! We are beyond blessed!❤️💗

Terri D

Bliss Place

From our entire Parkhurst Place Team we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to our Executive Director, Tim Dufour. There is never a dull moment here at Parkhurst Place!

Terri H

Parkhurst Place

I’m so thankful for all of our hardworking RCPs! We nurses would not be able to do our jobs without you all! You are all such a good team, and every shift shows up and puts in 100% every single day! Every single one of you are so important in the quality of care that we provide, and I appreciate you always giving your all. The work you all put in shows in the happiness and quality of life our residents have. Keep up the great work!

Tessa S

Miller Place

Melanie cares and listens to families' needs and takes to heart the core values of the company when meeting new potential families coming into the facility. Even with the new way of doing things with this pandemic, she has taken it with great pride and still does the community a great deed. Hats off to Melanie!

Tessalina C

Davenport Place

Jalene Huff is a patient listener, animated storyteller, entertainer, educator, morale booster, little sister, game show hostess, jokester, and most importantly a guardian angel. Jalene does not "work" for Kesslerwood Place, she "lives" for Kesslerwood Place. She does not have a job, she has a calling. The Brake family is most appreciative and full of gratitude for Jalene.

The Brake Family

Kesslerwood Place

Kathy Johnson Snow is so wonderful and really cares about our loved ones! Goes above and beyond her job! We love you, Kathy, and thank you for all you do! ❤️❤️

Theresa C

Pathfinder Place

I am grateful for our staff at Willow Lake Place for being so thoughtful and caring to our residents and each other during this time. Renita has been constantly calm, positive, and a ray of sunshine throughout this journey. I appreciate all of you!

Tiffany T

Willow Lake Place

Ricky and Michelle have gone above and beyond for my parents, helping care for their dog, helping them with technical issues, and sheer kindness. I'm so thankful for them and many others at Lakewell Place.

Tina A

Lakewell Place

I want to thank each and every staff member at Windriver how very much my family and I appreciate the care they give to my mother each and every day. She has just recently moved in a month ago and she just loves it there. She speaks so highly of the staff and she's happier than I've seen her in a long time. She thoroughly enjoys the activities, it's been totally awesome for her mental health. I want to thank everyone for being there for my mom.

Tina Swanson

Windriver Place

I want to take time to say how blessed this community is to have such a dedicated and caring staff. I want to thank you all for what you do and the extra you do as well!

Tonya C

Dewitt Place

I am so thankful for every single employee of Fairfield Place. During this extremely tense and stressful time, they have remained faithful to their duties, shown up in the face of risk to their own health, and loved and cared for my mom and all the residents there so well. My mom still sounds happy, and we are so grateful for the care and enrichment activities. Thank you for loving my mom as much as I do!

Tonya H

Fairfield Place

Shelby, our Executive Director, keeps our ship afloat and sailing smoothly. She is never afraid to jump in and help with whatever is needed.

Tori Gibson

Allen Place

My mother and mother-in-law reside at Laurel Place. We are very grateful to the staff for keeping our moms safe during this challenging time. Thank you so very much!

Traceylee G

Laurel Place

I would like to thank all of the staff at Lowrie Place for doing an exceptional job during this pandemic. The staff are very caring and compassionate toward our loving residents.

Tracy S

Lowrie Place

I'd like to say how much my family and I appreciate everything Martina does to care for our mom. She colors her nails and teaches her how to use her iPad so she can keep in touch with her family. She takes time to walk with mom and talks with her. Mom loves her. I also want to thank Melanie and the rest of the staff for doing an amazing job in caring for her. It really puts our minds at ease knowing that mom likes living at Amelia with a caring staff.

Tricia D

Amelia Place

Thank you to all the staff who take care of my “little mom”. I appreciate and love all of you. Robyn, Rebecca, Erica, Lynn, Darlene, Wendy, just to name a few. Again, thank you.

Trish B

Dewitt Place

I am so grateful to the nurses who work so hard to take care of the residence. They are so kind and helpful! Thank you all so very much for your dedication to excellence!

Vicki Sellin Ussery

Abilene Place

My sister is a housekeeper. She is always there. My mom lives there and is doing well. Thank you for all you are doing to take care of her.

Vicki T

Eagle Point Place

Feeling blessed to be part of the Worthington Place team! Each soul that works there has a role to play, and they do it like a well-oiled machine. The care and compassion are above and beyond on a normal day. They are not only essential workers; they are family! The precautions that are in place will undoubtedly continue to keep everyone safe. Looking forward to being behind my chair. Until then, remain peaceful.

Victoria R

Worthington Place

Your team is great to work with. Caring and compassionate staff. Keep up being awesome 👏

Wanda S

Pomerelle Place

To all the workers I say a sincere 'thank you' for all you are doing to help my mom during this covid and lock down. Mom has been very ill and you have given her time and attention that I wish I could be giving her. She tells me that you ladies are so nice and help her in any way you can. You are in my prayers daily for the difficult job you do every day. Thank you and God bless you and your families

Wanda W

Hopkins Place

YaQuilla always has very good attitude and a smile on her face when she comes to work. She always shows compassion to all of our residents whenever she is caring for each and every one. Her good attitude spreads joy and cheer to her co-workers and residents. She has been at Southridge Place for almost 3 years.

YaQuilla Ellis

Southridge Place

Thank you Chris Kellas for always being a team player and having a positive can-do attitude! You have stepped up and done a great job in recent weeks managing multiple processes. Appreciate all you do!

Aashish B

Enlivant Support Center

To all the mothers in the ESC Parenting Group, a big shout out to all of you! You bring the excellence to your families and to Enlivant everyday!

Aashish Bhansali

Support Center

The team at Hickory Place has been 100% full for over 220 days. They love their residents and community.

Adam D

Support Center

There are so many great things to say about Sravani Gattupalli, IT Manager. Your work ethic and involvement are admirable. Thank you for being someone the Application Development Team can always count on! Personally, I am so grateful for your leadership and guidance. Thank you for your help and support!

Adam Garza

Support Center

I am grateful for Courtney Botts. She is a go-getter and has been consistent in her work ethic and desire to succeed and help improve the lives of the families she serves. She is a team player and a great addition to an awesome team at Big Springs Place.

Alex C

Big Springs Place

The activities director Diann is the best I have ever seen. She does whatever the residents want. She is never afraid to try anything. During this Covid crisis, she has managed to keep the residents' spirits and morale up by making sure they feel good about themselves, and she has helped them keep in touch with their families. She has fixed their hair and has done anything she could do to lift their spirits. Residents know it's going to be a good day if Diann is working.

Alice B

Bennett Place

David Kitchens is the BEST ED around! He always has a smile on his face. David is always very helpful with any resident's need and goes above and beyond for residents, families, and his staff. We are all so blessed to have him as a boss.

Alice H

Azalea Place

Dyane Daigle, Executive Director at Richland Place is one in a million. Dyane started her Enlivant career with November 2020, and shortly after was facing more than the everyday challenges of a memory care community. Dyane didn't hesitate to jump in feet first, whether it was working as a housekeeper, an RCP, a Med Tech, and her own role. She is so humble, hard working and compassionate. We are fortunate to have Dyane leading Richland Place.

Allison Starr Esposito

Richland Place

Picking one exemplary employee is not possible. I choose one team, and that is Team Florence Place. Our entire staff has stood strong through so much change over the last few years. They show me daily what true compassion is. They show a love to our residents that only someone who loves what they do are able to show. I learn something each and every day from them.

Amanda J

Florence Place

Lori Fletcher, LPN, always steps up to the plate and never has the “that’s not my job” attitude. We are blessed to have her in our community providing compassion to all our residents.

Amber K

Kanawha Place

Our Executive Director Tanya is the most selfless, hardworking, caring, compassionate leader I know. She has ensured the safety of our residents and staff throughout this crisis and has the trust of our residents' families. Tanya is one of a kind and we would be lost without her. Thank you Tanya for being there for the long nights, for being our interim hairstylist, on-call chef, all while being a mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter, and friend. We LOVE YOU!

Amber R

Amelia Place

I'm grateful for our new housekeeper, Sandy, keeping Kennesaw Place shiny and safe! I am also grateful for our wonderful ED Sonya and CSM Angela, for their unwavering compassion during some trying times in the community. We are a tighter knit team because of their leadership, and we are facing the challenges together.

Amy S

Kennesaw Place

Lily. Crystal. Gloria. Candace. Vickey. Nancy. Compassion for our people! Patience. Attention to their job. Lily really goes above and beyond to keep my mom posted on my grandma, Rhoda. Thank you for being so selfLESS with my grandma and all the residents in Memory Care!

Amy Z

Dover Place

All of your nurses and nurse's aids are truly professional. They took such great care of my mom and were like friends to her. God bless them all. Our family is forever grateful for the care they provided Gloria T.

Andrea Kemp

Rock Run Place

Syndell Lawhon Best clinical partner I have had the pleasure of working with. Always stays incredibly calm even when working through chaos around her. Supports and advocates for her function, but understands the business and works to drive toward positive results.

Andrew Knuth

Support Center

Knowing I work for a company that has such amazing leaders who are full of compassion and humility makes me feel proud! Thank you, Jack and Dan, for all that you stand for and and all that you do for us. Thank you for always doing the right thing, not the most comfortable thing. Enlivant Proud

Angel L

Enlivant Support Center

Our team would like to give a shoutout to Andrea Ryder, LPN. She is always ready and willing to help in any way she can, from nursing care, to haircuts, and even helping with activities. We truly appreciate her kind and positive spirit!

Angela F

Somers Place

Somers Place staff can always count on our LPN Andrea. Not only has she helped with activities, but she has cut & styled resident's hair! We can't thank her enough this Nurse Appreciation Week!

Angela Farmer

Somers Place

Words cannot describe the love, care, and attention that is given by these nurses. They are indeed God send angels! They go above and beyond their duties to care for my parents.

Angela Mitchell

Russ Place

Thanks to all of the staff but especially Marybethany Covella, who always answers me, even off the clock, to ease my mind.

Angi F

Pinewood Place

Care Services Manager Kerri is doing an amazing job of keeping our residents healthy and happy! Thanks for sharing your Nurses Week cake with each of the residents.

Ani Y

Floyd Place

Big shoutout to Ann at Park Creek Place. She is wonderful! She Skypes with us so that we can see our mom during this difficult time. She shows compassion, and she is genuine. She is truly an asset to Park Creek Place. She is wonderful. ❤️

Ann B

Park Creek Place

I want to thank Willie Jean Poston for all her hard work. She is 80 years old and loves Florence Place. She works every Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, and Wed. She has worked there for 12 years, and she loves every minute she is there. She my mom, but she is most happy at work.

Ann T

Florence Place

Thanks to all our caring and wonderful nurses at Cherryvale Place and every where for all that you do to keep the residents healthy and safe. You truly are the heart of all communities and hospitals nation wide. I feel so blessed to work with some of the best nurses around. Annette Montelongo /Adiminstrative Coordinator Cherryvale Place Rockford, Illinois

Annette Montelongo

Cherryvale Place

Vicki Phillips is our head chef at Monroe Place and does an amazing job! She always comes into work with a smile and is ready to do whatever is asked of her. Our residents love her! Vicki, you are a blessing to our team. We appreciate you.


Willowbrook Place

Keisha is a very dedicated and loving Lead Med-Aide who goes far and beyond to ensure our residents are cared for and loved. She will stop what she is doing to take time out with our residents. Keisha has gone out of her way to ensure our residents did not go without a beauty shop day! She is a true team player and displays our core values each and everyday! #EnlivantProud

Anonymous 1

Lucas Place

The WHOLE team goes above and beyond to take care of our residents!

Antoinette P

Hopkins Place

Thank you to Ashley Uhler, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Mid Atlantic region, as you have illustrated true leadership by remaining resilient, positive, and committed while enduring several headwinds dealing with COVID19! I truly appreciate your teamwork, can-do mindset, and grit to serve our beloved seniors and support our community teammates! THANK YOU ASHLEY! #EnlivantPROUD

Ashley U

Enlivant Support Center

I’m sure the entire staff is wonderful but I only know three by name. Brandon, Julie and Jean (the chef) go way above and beyond for their residents. I have a very dear friend that resides there and they have made her life amazing. It takes special people to give the special love and care that these three and their staff provide their residents!

Barb D

Syringa Place

Thanks to Jake for taking care of my tougher orders (door knobs, shower valves, etc), tracking inventory and reaching out to check in. Every single minute of help frees me up to spend one-on-one time with a senior. Also, our team loved the bagels and muffins!

Barb G

Greene Place

Thank you to all of you! Most especially to Lindsay, Janice, Sarah, Julie, Josie, and Sheri!

Barb H

Reed Place

Robin, thank you for assisting me today. I have worked here 3-plus years and continuously have had to unlock my computer multiple times a day. I never thought to ask if that could be changed. I thought it was just one of those necessary security things. I now have one less thing that I need to do. Something so simple means so much! Thanks again.

Barbara G

Enlivant Support Center

This gratitude is for all the staff at Hoyt Place. Hoyt Place has been my mother's home for the past 6 years and she and our family have always been treated with kindness and respect. As hard as it has been not to see her, I know she is getting excellent care from the staff providing for her physical and mental well being. Janet Redden has done a great job keeping us informed with weekly updates. Blessings to all the Hoyt Place Staff.

Becky B

Hoyt Place

I want to thank the staff at Hamilton Place for all the hard work you do everyday. Through the constant changes, the staff continuously shows support to make sure the residents are cared for. Thank you, Hamilton Place. ♥️

Belinda B

Hamilton Place

There is not a more caring group of people than the group at Ashley Place. Especially during the trying times we are all having now. God bless them all, and I thank them from the bottom of my ❤️.

Beth M

Ashley Place

I am so grateful to have Robbie Hinz as my ED. Robbie goes above and beyond to make sure everything is in place before she goes home. Good example: Robbie lives an hour away from work. Robbie wanted to make sure everything was set for going back to residents eating in the dining room. She worked all day, stayed overnight, and continued getting everything in place. Robbie consistently shows what hard work, compassion, and dedication are.

Beverlie E

Eagle Point Place

The staff at Wayman Place is AWESOME! They go the extra mile for our residents! Wayman Warriors!

Beverly S

Wayman Place

Jennie Arter for sure is the best. Great attitude, energy, talent, love, and patience. She's the best!

Billie D

Carroll Place

I wanted to take a moment to THANK three very SPECIAL leaders - Betty Jo Webb, Tom Farinacci, and Melissa Owens. These three Divisional VPs of Sales & Marketing have remained resilient, committed, and focused on serving their Regional Directors, Community Managers, and our beloved seniors despite tremendous headwinds, changes to sales process, and frequent unpredictability. I know there's been extremely long hours and frustrating moments, but they continue to remain resolute to WIN - THANK YOU!

Bob G

Enlivant Support Center

Mari Sherwood was with my mom when she passed. Mari spoke to me about my mom's passing and made me feel at ease. Thank you Mari, thank you all who helped my mom in her last few days. It was not easy to watch from outside the window. Not being able to help or hug or hold mom's hand created a lot of emotional pain. This will take a while to pass. The courage of the Kesslerwood Place staff will always be remembered in our hearts. Love you guys!

Bob W

Kesslerwood Place

Thank you so much to the staff of Campbell Place! They are such a caring and compassionate group. We are very lucky that they are helping our families through this very difficult time!

Bonita K

Campbell Place

I want to thank each and every staff member at Terrebonne Place for the love and care shown to our family members. They have become sons, daughters, granddaughters and grandsons in this situation. Gratitude cannot be expressed enough for allowing us to rest easy knowing they are cared for and loved. We are looking forward to that happy day we are able to hug our family again.

Bonita P

Terrebonne Place

Kimberly embodies what being a nurse really is. We have only known her for about one and half years, but she has been able to keep our minds at ease with the love and care that she gives our mother. My mother is 93 and was adamant about not being in a residential facility. Now she looks forward to all those that take care of her. It takes a special person to have the heart and compassion for this field. We love our Kim.

Bonita Peltier

Terrebonne Place

I would like to express my gratitude for Guido Schuldberg! He is such a team player and always a breath of fresh air. Guido is the loudest Division cheerleader, and always starts my day with a smile.

Brad P

Support Center

Amber Diaz has gone above and beyond her normal duties while the residents have been in lockdown during this virus, as well as before the virus. She is the activity director and has even helped wash and style the ladies' hair. She checks on them on a regular basis. She goes above and beyond her regular duties to help the residents. It is obvious she loves her job. The residents love her just as much as she does them. Thank you, Amber!

Brenda F

Shelby Gardens Place

We are so grateful for all the employees at Urbana Place! They are so kind and caring to our mom. We love all the special activities Rachel plans for the residents. And we are so grateful for Dwana‘s efforts to make sure we can regularly FaceTime with mom. She goes above and beyond in taking care of our mom. It’s a difficult journey, and we are immensely grateful to all the special employees at Urbana Place who do such an amazing job!

Brenda O

Urbana Place

I don't know where to begin, I love the staff there! My mother has been there for two years. It was her birthday May 15th I couldn't go in the building but Jessica, Chelsea, Francis and all the girls made my mom's birthday special. They had her party for me and she loved it! She is 94! I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for "mom's girls". I can't say enough how i appreciate them and love them. They all go beyond their duties. My mother loves them dearly.

Brenda W

Kanawha Place

Kelsey Ernst, our Activities Director, has been such a HUGE help to us during this time! She never complains about helping us, whether it be at meal times, showers, or just being a friend! We couldn’t do it without her!

Brittany N

Rolling Meadows Place

I am so thankful for all staff at Highland Place. I would like to mention Shemane Brambilla. She has stepped up so much and helps so much more than she realizes, every single day. Thank you for all the hard work and helping hands, Shemane!

Brooke B

Hopkins Place

Thank you to all the staff for keeping my grandmother safe and happy. I know my grandmother is in the best hands and appreciate the extra time and care from the employees as always. Little things like yummy treats mean a lot!

Candace E

Dover Place

I am grateful for all the team members coming together to care for our residents during these times of COVID. I especially want to call out Chelsea Downing, Administrative Assistant, as she is always willing to do whatever needs to be done and always with a great attitude and a smile. Chelsea can be asked the same thing over and over by a resident and she always gives them an answer as though it was the first time they asked. Chelsea exemplifies our core values of CHIEF.

Cari K

Savannah Place

Tiffany always goes above and beyond in the med room! She is a night shift employee that does so much behind the scenes that hardly gets recognized!

Cari L

Azalea Place

Lorna, Crystal, and many other staff members have done an admirable job in taking care of Betty Riggs Meyer during the almost impossible COVID-19 pandemic. They have been excellent at communicating with me throughout this time and have tried their best to take care of Betty and all the residents of the Memory Care unit. All of us in the family have really appreciated their hard work.

Carolyn S

Kesslerwood Place

I am so proud and humbled to work with the great staff at Keowee Place. They exemplify our Core Values everyday. COMPASSION, HUMILITY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE AND FUN. We are a family that truly loves and cares for our residents, families and each other.

Carrol C

Keowee Place

Sandra Gibson goes above and beyond and always has a smile.

Casey D

Santa Fe Place

Danni Ramirez is pretty new to the Marcy Place family but she stepped in and bloomed! Our residents have been keeping busy and they seem to be so much happier. The timing of her hire could not have been planned any better during this pandemic. Danni has made it so much better. She goes above and beyond, and her decorating has brightened everything up.

Cassandra S

Marcy Place

Ms Jonel Camp is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet, despite her constant pain and aches she always finds joy in her day and brightens those she encounters daily. They say a dog is the best judge of character.... so when a 2 month old hyper little puppy crawls into your lap and instantly falls asleep and let you love on her.... that says a lot! We can all learn a lot about handling life from Ms camp!

Cassandra Sanders

Marcy Place

Kristy is an amazing nurse, friend and caregiver. She works so hard and is only a call away if we need something. She has the biggest, most compassionate heart around. We are completely blessed and thankful she is a part of our team.

Cassie D

Pomerelle Place

Thank you to all the support team that answers immediately or responds quickly to our requests. An ED has to be an octopus with many moving parts that you have to juggle constantly. So having answers to your questions quickly makes it much easier to do your job efficiently. AR, Payroll, HR, etc.--thanks!

Catherine W

Enlivant Support Center

I want to recognize Debbie Barnes. She always has great ideas for the residents to keep busy and cared for, especially during this COVID-19 season. She used her iPad to let our family visit with my mom for a good long visit. She has also had to care for my moms acrylic nails since my mom couldn't go to the salon. Debbie is very patient, fun and kind. We are so grateful that she is there for my mom and the other residents.

Celestina J

Abilene Place

Kim Stewart is the Executive Director here at Chisholm Place. She goes above and beyond with our residents. When I need help with activities she is ALWAYS willing to lend a hand! She's so knowledgeable with any question you bring to her. I appreciate EVERYTHING she does for our community. We all love you Kimberly Ann Stewart - thanks for ALL you do!

Charlene K

Chisholm Place

LEC gave a hat, sunglasses, and a cool drink to sit outside on a beautiful day.

Charlotte B

Woodbourne Place

We are so thankful to have Ms. Shanell as our nurse. She is compassionate, loving, caring and so much more. She loves the residents so much. Shanell brings life to the community with her warming heart and determination for the residents and staff. We love you so much Shanell. Continue to shine!

Charnetra Wilson

Lucas Place

Working alongside supportive and strong women, such as, Lauren, Lindsey, and Liezl is really empowering. Each one of them embraces Enlivant’s Core Values. They all exemplify integrity, excellence, and having fun! I am so thankful that these are the women that I get to learn from and growth with here at Enlivant.

Chelsea Jans

Support Center

All of the staff at Wheeler Place have been wonderful in caring for my dad and making him feel at home, and I so appreciate the texts, calls, and photos they send of my dad’s day. Wonderful experience, and I can rest knowing that my dad is safe, well cared-for, and made to feel special.

Cheramie D

Wheeler Place

Phoebe Hunt, my mother, is the Head Cook and she goes above and beyond at her workplace in the kitchen and helping with residents. And it's all out of love! Keep doing your thang mama and keep up the good work, I love you to the moon and back and then some...

Cherelle R

Preston Place

I want to recognize and thank Bonnie Byrum. Bonnie goes above and beyond for all of us all the time. She does it with grace, a smile, and love. Always willing to help anyone at any time. We could not do all that we do for the residents and families without the hard work, support and care that Bonnie provides. Her devotion is not just now with all the unusual circumstances, but it has been there since her first day on the job several years ago.

Chris M

Bell Oaks Place

Kristin Dunbar shows up with a huge heart Monday through Friday. These dear residents are her calling in life, and she is always looking out for them. She is quick to respond when something is wrong with one of them and puts their needs above her own.

Chris T

Seasons Place

Thank you to all the staff at Highland Place! I am so grateful to all of you for taking such wonderful care of my mother. You have all gone above and beyond, especially during this pandemic, and we appreciate you more than words can say. We are so happy that we moved my mom here. We know she is in wonderful, caring hands. Thank you to each and every one of you. You are all heroes!

Chrissy P

Highland Place

Our Life Enrichment Coordinator, Julianna Pestana, goes above and beyond everyday! She is always first to help when needed. In these challenging times, Julianna has taken on more than required and doesn't complain. She helps residents by brightening their mood and making them laugh!

Christine H

Shasta Place

Our Life Enrichment Coordinator Julianna Pestana, goes above and beyond everyday! Is always first to help with the extra. With these challenging times, Julianna has taken on more than required and doesn't complain. She helps residents who have been stuck in their room by brightening their mood and making them laugh. She is always coming up with something new to make not only our residents laugh but other employees as well.

Christine M

Shasta Place

Megan represents all of the Enlivant core values but when I think of integrity and compassion, I cannot think of anyone who does it better. Megan serves Settlers Place in a way that makes you proud to know her and blessed to work beside her. In working with families, she displays an amazing amount of compassion but even more importantly, she carries herself with a great deal of integrity. Megan is truly a Woman in CHIEF.

Christy Miller

Settlers Place

I can’t thank everyone at Northhaven enough for everything they do for my mother-in-law. They all go above and beyond to make sure she is taken care of. I’m so blessed to have them in her life right now! Thank you, everyone, for taking care of her! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cindy M

Northhaven Place

Tracy Stewart is our nurse at Lowie Place. She treats every resident as if they were her own family members. Tracy has built a fantastic relationship with our families and provides the best care to our residents! Lowrie is lucky to have her. Happy Nurses Week

Cindy Naughton

Lowrie Place

The Executive Director Heidi is amazing! Fair, creative and caring. She has a great love for residents, their families and staff alike. She communicates clearly and is supportive at every level. She exudes Enlivant vibrancy!

Claudia W

Manning Place

Dani is our new Activities Coordinator and she is always here for us and makes it pleasant to be around. Dani sees that we have things to do, not just in our rooms. We exercise, socialize, and she jokes around with us and makes us all laugh. If we have a problem we can come to her and she will help if she can and makes sure we have everything we need before she leaves for the day.

Cleta S

Marcy Place

I am thankful for Harnetha George, work ethic guru and housekeeper extraordinaire. She never backs down from a challenge and is forever willing to help anyone, resident or employee, in a pinch. Just like the sun coming up tomorrow, you can always count on Harnetha.

Clyde P

Florence Place

All the staff at Hitchcock Place are angels. We would be lost without their never-ending care and all the love they share.

Colleen and Gary P

Hitchcock Place

My Mother, Betty Welch, retired from nursing at the Harrison County Hospital in Corydon, IN. She went to nursing school at night, while my dad, who worked during the day, took over the care of us three small children. Mom’s dedication to her profession showed in their keeping that tough schedule even when she graduated and was working as a nurse. Mom spent many years doing what she loved- helping people to get well!

Colleen Jeffers

Bennett Place

Everyone is amazing in all they do.

Colleen P

Hitchcock Place

Everyone who works at Miller Place is a hero in my book. They are concerned and caring of my mother, especially in this stressful time.

Connie G

Miller Place

I just want to thank to all the workers at Ashley Place. They have worked hard keeping our loved ones safe. They are all so good with my Mom. They help her with so much. Just a big thanks to all of them.

Connie R

Campbell Place

Sharing my gratitude for all the wonderful things Executive Director Ron Duez at Garden Way Place has been doing to support not only his community but also several other communities across the Pennsylvania Region, as well as a community in another Region. Ron is always willing to do whatever it takes to drive success wherever he may be needed. Ron is always positive and brings great comfort to the teams he supports. Thank you Ron!

Cory R

Garden Way Place

Whenever I have the opportunity to give a tour at Highland Place, I promote all of our staff. We are always tour-ready! Our Executive Director, Robin, exemplifies Enlivant's mission, vision, and values, and together we all unite! Carl, the Executive Chef is focused on each resident and has a sense of humor that delights them all. Paul, Maintenance Director, is very busy and attentive and delivers promptly. Bingo is a resident-magnet! RCPs, huge! I wish I could list all.

Courtney B

Highland Place

Jessica Haugh, LPN, goes above and beyond for her residents. She truly cares, loves, and embodies our Mission, Vision, Values each and every day. Our residents and their families think of Jess like family. It is truly an honor to work with her and to see her in action. She is an angel on earth!

Courtney M

DeWolfe Place

Jessica Morgan, our Executive Director, upholds our Mission, Vision, Values each and everyday. She is a beautiful trifecta herself; once a hairdresser turned LPN turned ED, Jessica does it all! During this pandemic crisis she has been cutting our residents' hair and giving them a piece of joy. She lives and breaths love for DeWolfe Place and we are so blessed to have her as our leader!

Courtney M 2

DeWolfe Place

My sister, Bobbie Willey, no matter what, is always working, taking a chance everyday until this virus is over. She goes above and beyond for her job! She never calls off unless she absolutely has too. She's got the biggest heart. If someone needs someone to fill in for them, she does. She has even gone to pick girls up to make sure they get to work! She's just an all-around amazing and hard worker. I love her!

Courtney W

Cardinal Place

Happy Nurse's Week, to our CSM/ RN Megan Groenthal, her compassion, knowledge, patience, understanding, caring towards our residents is outstanding ..Thanks for being such a fantastic nurse and part of our team ..

Crystal Hollmann

Cottonwood Place

This pandemic could have broken a lot of people, but not Ishia. She faced the residents each day with a smile on her face and a pep in her step. Even during the hardest times, her strength never wavered.

Crystal Y

Kesslerwood Place

When you think of a nurse, what attributes come to mind? Things like integrity, morals, compassion, reliability? Good. Because that is what our nurses bring to the table. Thank you Latoya, Donna, Judith, Nikki, Melissa, Gloria, Chaela, and Dee!

Crystal Young

Kesslerwood Place

The entire staff at Bliss Place in Bedford Indiana take such great care of my mom! I rest easy every night knowing she is safe and happy. I am so thankful that she has been under their care and protection during this pandemic.

Cyndi Terrell

Bliss Place

Cassandra is always helping and smiling. It doesn’t matter how busy she gets; she’s always ready to go and to jump in to help. She can multi-task and still has the time to make a resident laugh or smile and even to give hugs! Our residents love Cass and her positive energy she brings to a room. I haven’t been with Marcy Place long, but she made me feel welcomed from the start. I’m forever grateful for her hospitality.

Dani R

Marcy Place

Stopped by to do a window visit. Joan looks healthy, clean, and happy. A staff member brought her a cake for her birthday. I work in the industry, so I know how challenging these times are! Thanks for doing such a great job.

Dani V

Cherryvale Place

I am so grateful to work among a bunch of amazing people. The management team that I became a part of cares for the residents and for the staff. It is nice to finally be a part of a team that cares, and it shows. The care that our residents receive is truly an awesome sight to see, and we are so thankful and blessed for the aides we have that help care for the residents. Great job to all the employees in all the departments. You all rock!

Danielle H

Pinicon Place

This building is truly a home, and the staff treat the residents as family! I am thankful for their care for my great-grandmothers during their time there. I love getting to work with the staff to care for those at end-of-life. Truly the best community I have had the pleasure of loving for 20-plus years. Keep up the good work💕

Danika B

Davenport Place

This has been an unusual and challenging year. I have seen how hard everyone is working to try to keep some type of normalcy during a pandemic and at the same time provide the best care and most loving environment possible. I recently read this: “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” – Epictetus. This seems to be so true in 2020. Thanks for all you do to provide excellent care!

Darla C

Mackenzie Place

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the employees for the kind care they are giving my mother. Also special thanks to Katrina and staff for keeping us informed during this COVID-19 crisis. My mother says that all the employees are super nice and do a terrific job. Keep up the good work!

Darlene B

Bliss Place

Nurse Donna goes way beyond to make sure the residents' needs and care are first priority. She makes sure the families are happy with the care their loved ones receive. She puts their care first. She's also concerned about her fellow workers.

Darren S

Dewitt Place

I want to express my gratitude to Donny Murphy who went out of his way beyond his regular responsibilities to help me get a signature from my resident family member so we could deposit his government check in his bank account.

David M

Keowee Place

Among my top Enlivant heroes are Lauren Salzman and our West Division Talent Acquisition Team. Lauren brings an excellence mindset to all she does, each and every day. She is fully committed to ensure our communities have strong leaders who bring our MVV to life in every community. Her work and her leadership have had tremendous impact, as our West communities have fewer openings and stronger leaders than ever before!

David T

Enlivant Support Center

I want to thank our three outstanding Divisional Vice President’s of Care Services! Sandy Goodin, Syndell Lawhon and Trinika McClure, thank you for being strong role models of servant leadership. You exhibit endless commitment to helping our community teams deliver great care and a loving home to our residents.

David Thurlow

Support Center

Our ED is one of the kindest and most caring people I know. We would not know what to do without her. She makes each day a joy.

Dawn H

Blossom Place

We have the most amazing team that works together at Keowee Place. Thank you guys for all of the hard work you do!

Dawn M

Keowee Place

Choosing one is impossible! Kitchen, maintenance, staff...they are ALL caring and positive to my husband and me. I would love for all of them to know how much we appreciate them - their helpfulness, positive attitude and keeping things as normal as possible the last two months. Anyone who can stay positive wearing masks 8 hours every day deserves praise! Taking care of my family THEN going home to take care of theirs - heroes, all of them!

Dawn T

Santa Fe Place

I am thankful to the staff and leadership at Lexington Place. Covid has been a challenge for us this past month, and the staff and leaders at Lexington Place have been strong, determined, and compassionate when it mattered most. Thank you for putting the residents' needs first and for going above and beyond even when things are difficult.

Deanna H

Lexington Place

Deb is always willing to help out when/where needed, whether it is moving residents, assisting in family calls, or taking residents out for a walk. She is a blessing to the community and to Enlivant.

Deb C

Chapman Place

Johnnie is always there with a smile and a hello for everyone!

Deb K

Northstar Place

Thank you to our wonderful nurses who give more and more of theirselves every day to each and everyone of our residents. To make sure they are given the beat of care ❤

Debbie Goodman

Monroe Place

The staff at Redbud Place is amazing. They always work very hard every day to keep us safe, healthy, and happy, but especially so during these trying times. Thank you for all that you do! I love the team and the facility.

Debbie M

Redbud Place

Sheila Stanley is our Customer Relations Manager at Abilene Place North and South. She has a lot of compassion for the residents and staff. She goes over and beyond to find a solution to any problem. She is always keeping everyone informed and up to date with all the news changes. She is always the first one to step up when someone is needing help. She is continuously having fun and laughing with the staff and residents.

Deborah Barnes

Abilene Place

I am thankful for our housekeeper Sana who keeps our community spotless and wipes down handrails and doorknobs multiple times a day. She works tirelessly for our residents to ensure the safety of their home. It always smells fresh and clean, and you'll never catch her standing still. If we are focusing on front line staff, she needs to be recognized because she is most definitely our first line of defense!

Deborah D

Bliss Place

Wonderful, caring and willing to go the distance. I coukd not ask for better folks to work with!

Deborah Doyle

Bliss Place

I am so grateful for all the Campbell Place employees. Their genuine concern is not only keeping our loved ones safe, it's also seen in the way that they speak to and treat residents in a respectful manner. They are managing to keep activites going in a safe way and family members are kept informed with emails and photos. So a big 'thank you' to all the staff at Campbell Place.

Deborah W

Campbell Place

The staff at Maidencreek Place has been a godsend to my family since my grandmother moved in! Their compassion and care, their communication, their smiles and positive attitudes! I couldn't ask for a better group of people!! Thank you all for what you do everyday!!!!

Deidre Angstadt

Maidencreek Place

My mother feels so well taken care of at Mercer Place. The staff goes out of their way to fulfill all her needs from quality of food, entertainment, health care, maintenance of her room and lots of sweet conversations. I want to give a special shout out to Seth, Robin, Simone and Kim. I am so grateful for the excellent care you provide at Mercer, and thank you for always staying in touch with those of us who are the relatives. You are the best!

Denise B

Mercer Place

All the staff truly go above and beyond with the physical and emotional support for residents. During this lockdown, my Dad experienced a health emergency, and Lynda, Donna, and Roxanne were absolutely wonderful with him and supportive in all aspects. I couldn't have asked for a better community. He continues to enjoy the wonderful meals and all the visits from staff. The staff continue to put this community first.

Denise M

McCullough Place

I am grateful for everything that the entire team is doing to help the residents of Pomerelle Place have a safe, inviting, and caring place to live. The everyday support, the wonderful meals, the caring staff, and management all combine to make Pomerelle Place unique. I want to especially recognize Lisa, who works so hard to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Her role is a big part of what brings happiness to each and every day.

Dennis S

Pomerelle Place

Martha is amazing with our residents and always goes far beyond to make sure that they are happy and taken care of.

Desiree H

Northhaven Place

Every single Kent Place employee goes above and beyond to provide residents with a safe and enjoyable living experience. I am proud to work alongside them and to assist the valued members of our society.

Devin H

Kent Place

Lisa Sanders and all her support staff at Northhaven Place in Oklahoma City were such a blessing to my uncle as he struggled with having to be taken out of his home. They made him feel welcome and helped him through his struggles until his passing last week. We will always be indebted to them and appreciate all they did for our family. They are all the best!!!

Diane Dowdy

I am thankful for all the caregivers at Pathfinder Place in Fremont. They all take such special care of and love my mom! I am very grateful for the extra mile they go to keep my mom safe and happy during this COVID-19 pandemic. You all are the BEST. 😊👍❤

Diane W

Pathfinder Place

Dolores has such a very sweet spirit. She is very kind and compassionate to everyone in our community that she comes in contact with. She always has smile on her face and makes the activities fun. Her smile and joy are very contagious! Southridge Place is blessed to have her as a resident.

Dolores Denson

Southridge Place

Tonya Hodges, ED, River Run Place: Tonya is a dynamic leader and a skilled juggler of many competing priorities which includes being the mother of a newborn and 7 other children! Her immediate impact at River Run Place has elevated the community to new levels of success. When the wildfires struck, she was the first to volunteer to help. We are extremely lucky she chose Enlivant as her landing place and hope she will be with us for years to come!

Dominique Meier

Support Center

Thanks to everyone at Highlander Place for protecting our local seniors. They are more than deserving of these flowers and we were honored to donate them.

Don Z

Highlander Place

Many thanks to Eileen, Karla and Sue. Always being so helpful and kind in this most trying time. God bless them and all caregivers everywhere. Keep them safe and healthy.

Donna C

Logan Place

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for the loving care that the wonderful staff at Keowee Place had given to both my Mom and my Aunt! During this surreal time the FAMILY that is the staff at KP has gone the extra mile to protect and care for MY family. I LOVE you all!

Donna D

Keowee Place

Jennifer is who I am thankful for. Safety first and always supportive. The care she gives is consistent. She checks on her patients and interacts with them. Mother really likes her and always looks happy and laughs when they are together. We are blessed by her work ethic. We are blessed by her kindness.

Donna M

Hickory Place

Jordyn is a wonderful worker. She works third shift at a facility my parents stay at and she is absolutely amazing, so caring and compassionate. I absolutely love her. I wish she could be there 24/7 - she puts her all into it.

Donna R

River Woods Place

Our caregivers here are so special to us. They're always eager to assist us in whatever we need or ask. Especially Marissa, Sara, Amanda, and Activities Director Julie. Enlivant has been so careful for us during Covid-19.

Dorothy D

Syringa Place

Lindsey Stroop-Elias is an inspirational leader who demonstrates both excellence and fun! You're the best Lindsey!!

Doug Bandola

Support Center

Our nurse Kristin is the most compassionate, humble, incredible, excellent and fabulous! She goes above and beyond for our residents daily! River Run Place is lucky to have her on the team! She is an example of excellence to us all!

Dustie Thorne

River Run Place

The entire staff at Meredith Place has been great, but I would like to single out Crystal Arreola. She goes above and beyond her job description. She keeps me informed on how my dad is doing, sending me pictures and text messages. In the midst of COVID-19, she called me just to see how my family was doing. I can’t tell you how comforting it is knowing there is someone like her caring for my dad.

Eddie B

Meredith Place

Thank you for always taking good care of my mother and keeping her safe during this pandemic. A special thanks to Jamie for keeping Mom mobile.

Elaine B

Lake City Place

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done during these uncertain times.

Eli S

Campbell Place

A new team stepping in and stepping up! So honored to be a part of this team that touches lives and makes a difference each and every day!

Elizabeth B

Leighton Place

I would like to thank Sandra Brewer for her dedication to the residents at Hammond Place. She is always available and always willing to help, she is very dedicated, kind and loving. I appreciate her cheerful smiles and laughter and she dances to lift everyone’s spirits! There are many staff to give thanks to, but recently, Sandra lost her mom and she carries on and comes in to give her all to help others. She’s the real deal!

Elizabeth O

Hammond Place

Our gratitude to all the staff at Granville Place for their kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness, and relentless creativity to engage and support residents. Kerin Pearson, Activities Director, is extremely creative, developing activities that still keep the residents safe, like hallway karaoke. Kelly Dickinson, Director, was very proactive keeping COVID virus out of Granville. Karen Owens LPN, has been proactive with the health of our mother.

Ellen D

Granville Place

Our ED Sarah Bagby has such compassion not only for our residents but for her staff. She Always puts our Residents and Employees first. She is an amazing ED and not only does her staff love her the residents do too! We are so Lucky to have here.

Emily Standifer

Blue Ridge Place

I want to say a big 'Thank You!' to both Ari and Makinsey for helping with my birthday party. They gave it their all and then some to help my family give me a great 85th birthday I will never forget. They were so nice to everyone and we had a great time. Dani has been so helpful and putting up with me in everything I do. She is good at her job. Robert and Cass help everyone, it doesn't matter how busy they are - they will help!

Emma D

Marcy Place

No matter what it is, Sherly is willing to step up to the plate and help out in any department. And for that, she needs to be recognized for her dedication to Enlivant.


Lynd Place

We want to show gratitude to our ED, Michael Goolsby! He comes in at all hours and works to do what it takes to ensure our facility is running correctly. Michael always follows through with everything he tells his employees and the residents. He truly cares about his residents and takes pride in our community. We have never seen a ED work so very hard. Our residents just love him. Their happiness shows it all!


Dalton Place

The care staff at Hitchcock Place has been incredible. Not only are they keeping everyone safe and healthy, they are going above and beyond to make residents comfortable and happy each day. Thank you!

Erica G

Hitchcock Place

Our maintenance man, Jake, is always looking out for all of us in the community--coworkers, residents--fixing this and that. I'm very lucky to have a job that gives me the satisfaction of knowing he has our back, and Jake is always ready to help fix the unexpected when necessary. It's never a problem. I have gratitude for all my co-workers. They are pretty amazing people to work with. I hope to be here a good long time. Thank you, from Frankie (cook/CNA).

Frankie M

Franklin Place

I have had the privilege to work with two great Regional Nurses since I have joined Enlivant in 2019. Jen Allee and Angel Lyles both exemplify our Mission, Vision, and Values. They go above and beyond to support and set their Teams up for success. The last 12+ months have probably been the most challenging we have ever faced in our careers and these two nurses exhibited great leadership and resolve. Thank you Jen and thank you Angel!

Gary Myers

Support Center

Words cannot express how grateful our family is for the care and compassion all the staff has provided to our mother before and during COVID-19. They have gone above and beyond to make sure she is cared for and to communicate with us any concerns. Thank you!

Georgetta V

Bliss Place

Catherine, the director, keeps me well-informed. Iris, the head nurse, is just wonderful to my mother, Lonnie Martin. Mary, the activity director, is also wonderful to my mom. She makes her work! Woodbourne Place is the best place for my mom. Theresa, who makes the food, makes everything so wonderful. The rest of the staff also treats me and my mother wonderfully. All I know is I only have good things to say about Woodbourne.

Ginny F

Woodbourne Place

For all the residents who keep a smile on their faces and keep on doing--be it walking, talking, or playing music--thank you!

Gloria B

Walker Place

Our LEC, Cassandra, and her doggie, Cami, have been a great joy during this pandemic. We have been able to just love on Cami and give her treats and even walk her on our patio. Cassandra also makes sure we are staying busy and having fun.

Grace P

Marcy Place

We the managers at Granville Place would like to acknowledge our ED Kelly Dickinson. She goes above and beyond each and every day, including weekends, to make sure the residents and staff are safe and happy. During these trying times, she has set aside her personal needs to focus on our personal needs. The residents always tell us, "We love Kelly," and she is our HERO: Humble, Exceptional, Rare, Ours.

Granville Place Managers

Granville Place

Andy Cartwright, keep doing amazing things for the residents and the staff. You really do care about your job! You’re doing great things.

Greg Gould

North Woods Place

I would like to take a minute to thank Don Zegler for all he does. Don is an individual with phenomenal creativity in the e-design field. Thank you for all your help with the Dining Excellence Award and the Residents & Family Recipe Contest. You are always willing to help with a huge smile, and it is a pleasure to work with you!

Guido S

Enlivant Support Center

Our Lead Resident Care Partner and Med Aide Blanche has served our seniors at Hoyt Place for 11 years. She is an amazing, kind-hearted and loving woman. She is passionate about others and their well-being, and will do whatever she can to help make life better for others. She has the same positive attitude and cheerful personality every single day. Blanche is truly a gift to all!

Helen M

Hoyt Place

Susan goes above and beyond to make sure our residents have a wonderful meal every time she cooks!

Holly J

Hopkins Place

Amanda, Life Enrichment, goes above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of her position. From gathering prizes for residents and staff, to spending numerous hours in the salon making sure that residents feel good about themselves, she is an amazing worker!

Howard C

Hitchcock Place

My gratitude is extended to Taraneka Bingham, a fellow RCP at Terrebonne Place. She always goes above and beyond for our residents. I just want to make sure she knows her hard work does not go unnoticed by me. Keep it up, T. It will pay off real soon!

Inez H

Terrebonne Place

This goes out to Rebecca Harmon who works so hard and gives 200% to her residents and staff, not only at work but at home as well. Such a dedicated human being that anyone would think, "How does she get all of this done in a day's time?" Rebecca goes out of her way to make sure that her residents and staff are treated with respect and dignity. She has worked very hard to get to where she is and is there for anyone who needs her 24/7. Kudos to Rebecca.

Irene B

Cave Spring Place

She is always uplifting her staff and helping us in everyway possible. She is a light at the end of every tunnel. She always has our backs no matter what. She cares for her residents as well. To put her into a word is amazing!

Jackee Allen

Urbana Place

I want to thank Charlene from Chisholm Place for making Mother's Day so special this year! We were sad we couldn't give our grandma a hug but your gifts and attention made her day.

Jaime M

Chisholm Place

I have visited Hammond Place with my wife Kristi Varnell. I have met a great many residents she assists. She is a hard-working, caring, loving person completely dedicated to her residents. I have seen and heard interactions of not only residents but residents' family members who are grateful to Kristi for her dedication. I have seen the heartbreak the loss of a resident brings to Kristi. She cares for her residents like they are family. She cares!

James V

Hammond Place

Jamie works tirelessly to help the residents. She is quick to volunteer to help in any way that she can. She goes over and above to make the residents comfortable and happy. She has a positive attitude. The residents love to have her around because of her gentle caring nature. She is a joy to have on the Lake City Place team. She is definitely one of our heroes that deserves recognition.

Jamie P

Lake City Place

The residents here receive the most wonderful care. The staff are always smiling and welcoming. They all pitch in and do what needs to be done regardless of their titles. Christine Martin truly goes above and beyond doing activities that challenge mind and body. During this time, she has worked hard at trying to keep residents and family members connected. She is awesome!

Jan S

Elkhart Place

I really have appreciated all the folks who work at Bliss Place. During this very trying time, I’ve been comforted by the help I’ve received, especially from Katrina, Missy, Aleeta, Kelley, Debbie, Mary, Susan, George, Alex, and Heather. Amy and Rayna and Madlyn have also always been helpful in the past. Again, everyone is appreciated more than I can say. My Mom means everything to me, and I pray for her as well as her caregivers at Bliss Place.

Jane M

Came into the facility not knowing who she has employees there. She new she had nothing but compassion in her staff and that she got gold when she took over being the ED

Jane Wheeler

River Run Place

I want to thank our CSM Janee Hill for her compassionate caring for our residents and our staff. She is awesome and cares about the community. She goes above and beyond and makes all feel welcome in our community. Thank you! You are awesome!!

Janet H

Fairfield Place

Rhonda Meekins, Our Regional Director of Operations for Georgia, is an EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN. She embodies every single one of the Enlivant Core Values. As an Executive Director, my job would be impossible without her support. Thanks for always being there when we need you and for setting an example of excellence.

Janet Lukat

Support Center

Thank you to Ryan, Holly and the rest of Campbell Place. Memorial Day is an important holiday to the residents, many of whom are military veterans, spouses, or widowed spouses of veterans. The staff created a "mobile quarantine bubble", using the van to drive my mom and a few other widows to local cemetaries for a safe graveside drive-by. Their spirits were lifted! Thank you thank you for creative caring. <3

Janet M

Campbell Place

I want to thank Emma for her dedication to the residents and staff at Hoyt Place. Emma is always willing to help out, whether it be med, aide, chef, housekeeper, or--during this COVID time, in the absence of our beautician--fixing residents' hair every week. This means so much to our residents and families. Providing our residents with the best quality of life is Emma's goal. Thank you, Emma, from the bottom of my heart. P.S. Emma is over 70 years old.

Janet R

Hoyt Place

Charlene helped Kathryn Cawley when her cell phone would not work. She is always happy and willing to help when the need arises! I am very thankful for her!

Janet T

Chisholm Place

Jared was very professional. He was available at all times to give families info on their loved ones. He was not only there to provide communication, but he ensured that proper care was being administered during this crisis. His concern, care, and supervision for the residents were greatly appreciated. A true asset to the profession!

Jared H

Kesslerwood Place

Sandra Navarrete, Sr. Director of Total Rewards, exemplifies COMPASSION and FUN in C.H.I.E.F. at the Enlivant Support Center each and everyday with any colleagues she interacts with. Thank you for your leadership and always being authentic. We all need a person like Sandra in our life!

Jason Sanchez

Support Center

Mackenzie Marvels! While I was helping a sister community in need, the staff was friendly and helpful during my time there. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and making me feel a part of your family. Miss everyone of you. Stay strong, and keep smiling.


Mackenzie Place

I would like to thank all of the staff at Campbell Place for the care and concern they show my wife Joyce. She is very special to me and I feel very confident that the staff has her best interest at heart. Thank you all.

Jeffrey C

Campbell Place

Our Maintenance Director Jayme keeps our building in top shape. Jayme embodies compassion. I have seen him sitting with and calming confused residents when they were exit seeking, he's led Men's Club, he is always helping family members, he adopted a former resident's dog when they passed away, and on more that one occasion I have seen him sitting at a resident's bedside during their last hours when family was not available.

Jenifer M

Grand Emerald Place

Jennifer represents each of the core values in her everyday life. She is such an inspiration to me and the support she has provided me during this last year has been so valued.

Jennie Arter

Westwood Place

Robbie at Rock Run Memory Care is an amazing guy. His compassion and care for the residents is rare and genuine. My grandmother loves him, and I know everyone does their job, but I believe Rob loves his residents, which is the greatest gift a family can have for their loved ones.

Jennifer D

Rock Run Place

Jennie Arter is an amazing person. She is kind, considerate, compassionate, and determined. Although we work at 2 different communities, she inspires me and is always there for me. Since COVID we've made the extra effort to check on each other. This week we both got tied up but Friday she called before she left work. We are "Jen Squared" and we're going to continue to push through together. Working together and rising above. Love you Jennie.

Jennifer F

Carroll Place

I am honored to work with such wonderful and caring people as the staff here at Highlander Place. Their love and dedication for our residents is a pure example of what our MVV stands for!

Jennifer H

Highlander Place

I am nominating both Dominique Meier and Stacey Teri. They are EXCEPTIONAL leaders of our region. Their commitment to the Oregon Washington Region is something to be celebrated. They exemplify Enlivant's MVV in everything they do! Thank you ladies for your guidance and leadership!

Jennifer Hendrickson

Support Center

The therapy department would like to thank and acknowledge all the staff at Willowbrook Place. We appreciate all their hard work, long endless hours, and continuous love and compassion that they provide on a daily basis for our residents. There is great teamwork exhibited among the staff in all departments with everyone helping in all areas to make our residents feel safe and loved during this pandemic.

Jennifer K

Willowbrook Place

I am so pleased to work at such a wonderful place. All the employees and residents are so wonderful to be around. It’s an honor to work at Hoyt Place. Everyone there is my family, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them, especially for our boss, Janet Redden. She is awesome and a wonderful person to work for. Thank you for everything you do.

Jennifer P

Hoyt Place

How to pick only one person? Not possible, because each and every one had a hand in making my mom's time there easier, more comfortable and made to feel like family. But if I had to pick just one I would have to say Lacey Daniels simply because she is the one who got us in the door and placed when I thought there was no other choice but to move her to a nursing home. She became a friend that day and priceless to our family. Thank you to everyone.

Jennifer S

Meredith Place

My CRM ensures every current and potential senior thrives in every aspect! She has a heart of gold.

Jessica M

DeWolfe Place

Jessica Morgan is so much more than the boss. She takes the time to get to know each of her staff on a personal level, taking the time to let them know that they as individuals are each and everyone important. Jessica lifts up her team on the rough days and keeps us all grounded on the great ones. She is fair, honest, humble. She pushes us all to be the best we can and to ALWAYS, ALWAYS put our residents first. She is a blessing.

Jessica Morgan

DeWolfe Place

Shout out to Nicole Brooks our Community Relations Manager. She is a superstar! Working with a temporary support system for a few months while trying to get her feet wet, Nicole has won over the residents. She has worked long hours and talked to a ton of folks, and doesn't know the word quit. Especially in these uncertain times, she remains passionate and continues to SMILE. We are so lucky to have her as part of our Chapman Team. You go girl!

Jill C

Chapman Place

I would like to send a big shout out to Kelly Richardson! She has gone above and beyond for all of the residents. She is a very respectful, professional Lindsay Place employee...not to mention she goes out of her way to ensure the residents needs are taken care of, even though it may not be in wheelhouse of job duties at any given time. This type of dedication should be praised to the highest rooftop. We need 10 more Kellys!

Jill H

Lindsay Place

Thank you everyone, staff, for making our family feel safe, happy, and strong. Thank you for caring for our families, for yourselves. Without all of you, we would not have them. Thank you for giving of yourself to our families. Words can't express enough how much we appreciate all of you. Be safe; be strong; be well; and God bless. We love all of you. xoxo Jill Leo

Jill L

Keowee Place

We would like to express our gratitude and give pats-on-the-back to each and every person working at Keowee Place in Seneca, SC. Everyone there has gone the extra mile to make sure Gerard and all other residents have been safe and properly taken care of during this awful Covid-19 pandemic. Although it has been difficult to only have window visits during this time, it is comforting to know he is under the care of the Keowee Place Team.

Jim and Debbie

Keowee Place

I want to express my appreciation for Adam Dougherty. He has always worked very collaboratively with our department. Working with him on Mackenzie Place has been no exception. He is still taking the time to send emails of appreciation and encouragement. With everything going on he has still maintained his sense of humor. I am writing this in recognition of his passion for our residents.

Jim F

Enlivant Support Center

I would like to thank Pamela Leverette-Smiley for her dedication and for the professional way she interacts with residents and their relatives. When I have a question or concern, she always takes time to listen and displays a level-headed approach to solving my problem. I like her no-nonsense attitude when it concerns the well-being of the residents of Greenwood. I think Pam is a valuable asset to the current staff at Greenwood.

Jimmy W

Greenwood Place

Thanks to all the amazing nurses who care for my mother in-law Doris Lude every day. Y’all are awesome

Jodee Lude

Westwood Place

The Life Enrichment Coordinator Joan is doing an amazing job of keeping residents happy! Look at this amazing cart she made for Cinco de Mayo. Muchas gracias!

John H

Russ Place

My father has been a resident of Cardinal Place since late April of 2019. The staff has been wonderful. Rich is great and always friendly. The caring nurses always go above and beyond, Kelly, Jeri, and the rest of the team. Also Kelly at the front desk always greets everyone with a smile and is always willing to answer questions or get us to the right person to answer our questions. Amid this covid craziness, thank you!

John S

Cardinal Place

Kate and I are honored to serve as Pastors for the residents and staff at Bliss Place. We pray for them every day and anxiously await being allowed to hold services again!! God bless you all.

Johnny H

Bliss Place

We are thankful for the kind and thoughtful care given to our uncle, Charles Smith. We feel the entire staff are considerate of his care and of the other residents. A big thank-you to all staff members and their thoughtfulness for going above and beyond! You all are heroes to us. 💞

Jorene C

Campbell Place

We are so thankful for Beth Ruiz. She is not only a wonderful Med Tech; she also knows how to use the carpet extractor on a Sunday afternoon. She can do it all! We are so appreciative! That's compassion and excellence by example.

Joseph H

Summit Place

I would like to thank the entire staff at Lowrie Place as they are kind, considerate and attentive to my mom Margie. I personally would like to give a special shout out to Stormie as she goes out of her way to help me out on the things I use to be able to do for my mom. She stays in contact with me and this in return benefits my mom and sets my mind at rest. Prayers for all that we can visit soon!

Judy M

Lowrie Place

Toni and Haley made lunch a little fun and are always looking for ways to make our residents smile! Thanks girls!

Judy S

Trail Creek Place

I would like to say thank you to Samantha for being so amazing and for picking up extra shifts when needed! She is fairly new to our building but has quickly become part of the Kingswood family and has been so sweet and caring to our residents. The residents and staff appreciate all you do!

Julia K

Kingswood Place

I am so very grateful to work with a team as exceptional as Team Whitlock. They are by far the best team that I have ever had the privilege to work beside. Team Whitlock Rocks.

Julie B

Whitlock Place

I would just like to thank Hannah Logue for checking on my mother each day while I was out with shoulder surgery, telling her she loves her, and giving her a hug each day. It really uplifted my mother's spirit and I will never forget her act of kindness with my mother and all our residents here at Dublin Place.

Julie D

Dublin Place

Lindsay Greathouse is our Sales and Marketing Director at Monroe Place and does an amazing job! She is always willing to answer any questions anyone has around the community and offers a helping hand wherever needed. Thank you for all you do, Lindsay! Your hard work never goes unnoticed! ❤️💕

Julie H

Monroe Place

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